Clothes Shopping Tips for An Expecting Mom

Expecting Mom

When the baby bump starts protruding, most expectant moms are always in a dilemma, thinking if it is time to start buying maternity clothes or not. Thinking about maternity clothes that will make the best fit and comfortable for daily use is always a challenge for several moms-to-be, but it should be less stressful with the proper knowledge. 

With suitable maternity clothing, expecting moms will always look and feel their best as they countdown their trimesters till the day of their delivery. So, the next big question that could be on the mind of an expecting mom could be when they can start shopping for their maternity clothes.

When to buy maternity clothes?

When it comes to a timeframe when a mom-to-be can start buying their maternity clothing or when to start wearing them, it is essential to note that no two bodies go through pregnancy trimesters the same way. But here are a few points to help determine when it is time to start rocking the bump.

  • One first thing is when you notice that there is difficulty buttoning the pants.
  • Spandex suddenly becomes the most favorable material clothing
  • Feeling bloated at all times
  • The bump-starts becoming visible to others or hangs out when wearing a shirt
  • The button-down shirts no longer extend the right to the end.

Tips on what to look for in maternity clothes

When going around the store (physical or online) looking for the best maternity clothes, it is important to keep a few essential tips to make the most out of the budget.

  1. Do the clothes stretch?

It is essential to carefully analyze the fabric the maternity clothes are made from before buying because one does not know if there will be a weight increase as each trimester comes. So, make sure the clothes are stretchy and comfortable enough for you.

  • Test for sheerness

It is possible to try them out and bend down and reach out for your toes and ask someone to check if they sheer. This can be better observed when one is in motion, so it is good to try them out when someone can help check. Any cloth that shows signs of sheering when stretching should be avoided when buying maternity clothes.

  • Size up

When shopping, especially for women who do not like shopping often, there will be a need to try more than one size or get bigger sizes, letting you wear them for longer durations. Sizing dresses is a great idea, especially for tops and dresses.

  • Buy more stretchy shorts or bottoms

When it comes to selecting your shorts or bottoms, make sure to choose the ones that have comfortable and stretchy elastics. The elastics in the clothes make them super comfortable when worn beneath the belly.

  • Stay away from anything that has a line

As the belly increases in size with each trimester that passes, it is essential to stay away from clothes with low waistlines like jumpsuits. Instead, go in for more high-waisted clothes because they are more super comfortable.

Also, check that they are super stretchy; the stretcher the clothes are, the more comfortable the clothes will be as the bump grows more prominent.