Choosing and Maintaining a Quartz Watch: Everything You Need to Know

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The first thing you need to decide when buying a watch is whether you want a mechanical or a quartz one. Of course, mechanical watches are a classic, but they are also very expensive and require complicated (and often costly) maintenance. Therefore, the advantages of quartz watches make them the best choice for everyone who values convenience, style, and a reasonable price-to-value ratio.

Quartz watches are affordable and very easy to take care of. They are also available in a great variety of designs and materials. Therefore, everyone can find a perfect fit. In fact, you can build up your own watch collection with a piece for every occasion. However, remember that there are some things you need to consider in order to buy a watch that will look stunning on your wrist. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind that these devices do need some simple maintenance.

How to Keep Your Quartz Watch in Top Shape: Easy Maintenance Tips

The main advantage of quartz watches is that you donít need to wind them up. In fact, the only thing you need to keep an eye on with these watches is the battery. On average, youíll need to replace it once every two years.

However, itís important to check any watches you arenít wearing daily. Thatís because the battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible after the watch stops. To keep a dead battery in a running watch might lead to leaking, which will damage the internal mechanism.

If your quartz watch is waterproof, have the specialist check the seals every time you replace the battery. This way, youíll be sure that everything is intact and works as it should.

Other than these rules, you should also remember that even durable watches need to be treated with care. You should avoid dropping them or exposing the watch to extreme temperatures. When not in use, keep the watch in a cool, dry, and dark place. The original watch box would be best, but your jewelry box will work as well.

Finally, mind the strap, as it can be quite vulnerable depending on the material. The good news is that you can always enhance the look of your beloved accessory using different matching parts, like beautiful Heir straps. The straps can be easily replaced and adjusted to fit the changes in wrist sizes. Doing this will allow you to keep your favorite watch for many years without investing in a completely new piece.

How to Choose the Best Quartz Watch for You

The main thing to consider when shopping for a quartz watch is the style you want. There are hundreds of pieces that can match any style, so you can let your imagination run free. However, if you want to buy a watch youíll be able to wear every day, you should go for the casual. Choose a piece that will have a classically elegant design but with some interesting twist. For example, a mesh strap or a black dial.

These models will look great with a variety of outfits. Therefore, youíll be able to wear your favorite watch to a romantic date or an important formal meeting.

Such watches should be medium-sized and usually with a leather strap or a bracelet in matching metal to the dial case. They shouldnít have many adornments or jewels. Essentially, the design of a watch fit for everyday wear should be plain.

Also, consider the size of the dial and the size of your wrist when choosing a watch. Oversized watches are quite the trend for women. But remember that they might look too clunky if your wrist is very small. Therefore, if you want to buy something not in the classic design, you should try it on first. Also, make sure that this kind of piece will match your wardrobe.

Finally, if you are a fan of an active lifestyle, you should consider the wide range of sports and e-watches available today. These pieces are larger and their styles are somewhat limited. However, they make up for it with their functionality. Such devices are designed with the sports fashion in mind. Therefore, it would be easy to match them to your everyday wardrobe. But you might want to consider buying a different watch to wear on formal occasions.