Choose your luxury watch based on these considerations!

luxury watch

The choice of a watch is not trivial for a man, it remains one of the only jewels worn daily, women of course do not take this task lightly, but this choice will usually complete in harmony a style already well established … Given the multitude of models of luxury watches offered by watch companies, Omega Seamaster, Rolex Daytona, Breitling Navitimer and so on, not always easy to find the timepiece that suits his own personality and his budget. We have decided to create a guide to buying luxury watches to help you choose your watch based on the main criteria that will allow you to make a selection of watches that best fit your needs and expectations.

Luxury watch brands

The choice of a luxury watch requires the choice of a brand, which can be guided by the passion for a brand, its history and values, the style and identity of the brand’s creations and of course, by the price range of the brands … To offer a luxury watch is to do more than acquire a jewel, it is to adhere to the spirit transcribed not a timepiece!

Prices of luxury watches

Whatever your budget or almost it is possible to find the luxury watch that suits you. Most brands of watches offer entry-level models that vary, of course, depending on the house, from 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 or 5,000 dollars for the majority of the most prestigious manufacturers!

That being said, mythical models and “complex” horological complications are sometimes quickly accessible.

Luxury watch styles

Vintage watches, horological complications watches, military watches, automobile watches, diving watches, classic watches, gold watches … some styles are certainly light years away from what you expect from your future watch, so do not wait any longer and consult this folder to refine a little more your research of the rare bird, the watch that suits you.

Luxury watch materials

Gold Watches, Platinum Watches, Steel Watches? Not easy to make an informed choice when you are new to the world of watchmaking!

So even if the material used in the future watch of your dreams will not be a predominant criterion of your choice, we propose you in this post to discover the most used metals by the high-end watch brands and so to quickly review the characteristics of each metal, you will understand the advantages of buying a titanium watch and know which is the most expensive metal used in watchmaking, and no, it is not about the gold …

Luxury watch bracelets

The bracelet of a luxury watch, on its own, has the power to transform the vision of a case and a dial! Proposed in a metal similar to the case to play the harmony or on the contrary in a metal or in a different material to press on a game of contrast, the bracelet brings an identity and thus cant be dismissed so easily when one seeks a timepieces. This is a very visible criterion, but note that it is most often one of the parts of a watch among the most easily changeable if after a few weeks you want to give your watch a new style !

Luxury watch shapes

Are you rather focused on square and rectangular watches, round and oval watches or are you rather barrel watches? Now it’s time to make your choice to best identify the shape of your future timepiece …

Now…are you ready to choose your first luxury watch?

Image credit: Luxury watch via Viacheslav Boiko/Shutterstock