Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face

Right Glasses for Your Face

Picking out the right eyeglasses frame can be daunting unless you know which frames suit you best. They all look fabulous at the optical shop, but not every frame will look just as fabulous on your face. The reason behind this is that every face shape has different features and some frames flatter those features while others look like they do not belong on your face at all. Therefore, if youíve visited your optometrist and realized you needed glasses, check out the following guide to know what to look for based on your face shape.

Round face

Round faces are almost the same in width as they are in height, but they have a narrower forehead and a soft jawline. Frames that are geometric in shape will be the most flattering for round faces. Go for a rectangular frame to make your face visually longer, which will resemble an oval shape a bit more. Stay away from rimless, round, and small frames because they will only make your face look rounder than it already is.

Oval face

You know what the shape of an egg looks like? Well, thatís precisely how you can define an oval face. They are long and narrow, featuring a wide forehead, a more rounded chin and a short jawline. If you have an oval face, you’re in luck because almost any frame will flatter your facial features. However, geometric ones with a strong bridge, that is wider than the broadest part of your face, will look a little better than other frames. Avoid oversized glasses and the ones that cover up more than half of your face.


Before you pick out the perfect glasses, donít forget to visit your optometrist so you can get a prescription for the glasses. You may know that you need the glasses when reading a book, or typing on your computer, but only an optometrist will know to give you the right prescription. Australia has some of the best optometrists and if youíre from the Land Down Under and need an optometrist in Sydney, youíre in luck. This is one of the best cities to look for a good eye doctor. They will tell you that heart-shaped faces feature wider forehead and smaller pointed chin with expressed cheekbones. You can look at this shape of the face as an inverted triangle, and youíll realize that to even out your face proportions, youíll need a rimless or semi-rimless frame. Thicker frames can be considered, but only those that will shift focus to the chin.


Square-shaped faces are the same in width and height with rather straight sharp edges. Concise sharp corners at the jawline will be the most prominent feature, and you’ll need a good pair of eyeglasses to balance out the edges. Round frames will offer a good contrast to the bold features, balancing out that well-chiselled chin. Circular shape with frames featuring various degrees of thickness at different points around the rim will be your safest choice.


A face with the widest part at the cheekbones and a narrow forehead and a jawline is characterized as a diamond face. Focusing on frames that balance out your face proportion while complementing your cheekbones is the best option. These will include circular or rounded frames. To prevent making your face visually even longer, go for narrow frames. Rimless eyeglasses and frames with oval or cat-eye shapes can also look good on you. Avoid boxy frames because they will accentuate the widest part of your face making your narrow parts look even smaller.

Oblong face

Oblong faces are long and narrow, in the sense that your forehead, cheeks and jawline will be very similar width. Your face shape will look best in larger thicker frames. To add definition to your face, go for frames with sharp angles and concise lines. Generally, oblong faces will look fabulous in rectangular frames, because those will balance out all the roundness. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid rimless glasses and smaller frames.

Picking out the right eyeglasses for your face shape is essential if you need to wear them all the time. Even if you put them occasionally, youíll want them to flatter your face, so pay attention when you go shopping for glasses. Try on various frames and consider the previously mentioned tips to save time on trying on the frames that will not look good on you.