Buy Leather Covers: What to Consider for a Great Purchase Experience

Leather Covers

Genuine leather is arguably beautiful and timeless. You need to buy the best quality to enjoy the durability. Primarily, the fabric is used to make covers, bags, belts, jackets, shoes, and boots, to name a few things. You would most likely spend more on items that are made from quality leather. The last thing you would want is to spend a lot of money on a piece, only to realize later that you bought a fake product.

The market is filled with multiple variations in quality. Therefore, you have to know how to go for the ideal leather product, if not the best. It shouldn’t be a hassle for you to differentiate between top-notch quality and low quality. In this case, below is a guide to help you know what to custom leather passport to buy on the first impression:

Always Look at the Label

The label of the leather passport cover is typically the first place to look before buying a leather belt, bag, or jacket. Well, in most cases, the mark on a genuine piece says 100% leather. While that may be true, you would also want to mark the care that should be given to the leather product. A delicate piece would require the utmost care to last longer.

Consider the Texture

How does the cover feel when you touch it? If it has a smooth surface that feels like plastic, it is probably inferior. Such are made from corrected leather, which is then coated with chemicals to imitate the feel of pure leather. Other options include patent leather, which is laminated or coated with resin. A quality piece should feel oily and stiff. You can always consult a merchant or a leather expert if the qualities are a struggle to differentiate.

The Ability to Absorb Water

Straight on, pure and genuine leather absorbs water up to a certain degree. Since leather is made from skin, it has pores that take in moisture. A polished custom passport cover has less absorbency capacity because multiple polishes block the pores. If the water flows off from your choice`s surface, it would be best to look further for a piece that suits your leather needs.

The Animal Hide Used is Key

Another primary concern should be the animal skin used to manufacture the leather product. The most popularly used are cowskins, calfskins, and lambskins. Cowskin is arguably the most durable, among other options like snake, ostrich, alligator, and goat skins. The quality and price vary in all the mentioned options. The type of skin will also be different, depending on what you want to purchase.

Cost is Critical

How much does the leather cover cost? You can tell that a particular product is ingenuine if it has an unbelievably low price. Expect a pure one to be costly, with a low probability of getting a discount.


The guide above would ease your quest to get the best out of a particular leather cover. You will rest assured that you are spending your money on something worth it.