Burberry Colognes: What Is The Best Cologne By Burberry?

Burberry Colognes

Started by a drape-making apprentice over 50 years ago, Burberry has become one of the world’s most famous makers of luxury outdoors wear. They are particularly famous for their trench coats and their iconic tartan patterns.

In the early ’80s, Burberry branched out and released their first fragrance. This launch was so successful that almost instantly cemented themselves as giants in the luxury cologne market.

Today we’re taking on the mammoth task of picking THE best Burberry cologne. That involves us narrowing down Burberry’s 12 fragrances lines, made up of over 80 scents to ONE choice.

We will be talking today about our absolute favorite cologne from Burberry, if you want to have a look at some of the other top colognes by Burberry check out this article.

It’s time to dive straight into it and find out which is the best cologne by Burberry…

What is the best cologne by Burberry?  

Our winner is…

Burberry Brit for Men

Scent notes: equal parts warm and spicy


Cedar Wood

Tonka Bean

Made in France, a bottle designed by Fabien Baron.

We spent a long time researching and sniffing before coming to this conclusion. We have two main reasons why we think this is the best Burberry cologne.

  1. It is their best smelling cologne
  2. It is the cologne that best captures the brand

No matter the price all good colognes must do one thing… Smell good. This cologne does that, and a whole load more.

So, what sets the smell of this cologne apart from the 80 other choices Burberry has to offer? Well, let’s start with its complexities.

The Smell

It is a rare perfume that manages to toe the line between sophistication and delight. However, Burberry Brit for Men does this with ease.

This is an ageless scent that will suit 90-somethings and 20-somethings alike.

This cologne captures the deep, warm notes of Autumn, and mixes them with citrus notes that conjure memories of summer, and the gentle floral notes of Spring. Combining these notes could very easily create a scent that doesn’t work at any time of the year.

But Burberry got the mix perfectly, and they have in fact created a cologne that suits literally every day of the year.  If you are looking for a truly everyday cologne, this is the closest we’ve ever come to finding one. 

Like all good fragrances Burberry Brit for Men has three distinct layers of scent:

Base notes –

In the base layer, you will find the majority of the warm and alpine scents. This layer includes notes of patchouli which, although this ingredient is traditionally linked with hippies, only adds to the sophistication of this scent. Other notes in this layer include Tonka Bean, gray musk, cedar, and oriental wood.

Middle notes –

This layer is a little more flirtatious and playful than the base layer. The notes in this layer are very warm and manages to evoke Spring and Autumn simultaneously. Wild Rose makes a surprising appearance in this cologne. Rose is traditionally seen as a more feminine ingredient, however, in combination with the spicier notes in this level, it brings a sense of youthfulness to the scent. Other notes in this layer include Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

Top notes – 

This final level is possibly the most complex of the three as it balances citrusy notes with heady spices like Cardamom. The notes of citrus come from the bergamot and green mandarin – both of which are classic scents on a European summer evening. These citrus notes combined with fresh and zingy ginger are unforgettable. Layer on top of that notes incense-like Cardamom and this layer screams Summer.

The Bottle

The bottle of Burberry Brit for men is made of heavy glass. It feels luxurious. It is adorned with some of Burberry’s trademark tartan. The bottle itself is designed by Fabien Baron and has a classic, sleek look to it. 

Like all good fragrances, this cologne is made in Europe. More specifically this cologne is produced in France. It was created by Antoine Maisondieu in 2004.

The Awards

Within the first year of its release, this perfume won both ‘Men’s Fragrance of the Year’ and ‘Best Nation Wide Advertising Campaign.’  Burberry has one ‘Brand of the Year’ multiple times, and the company has also been awarded the ‘Luxury with Heart’ award at the Walpole awards.

This cologne has been described multiple times as ‘Burberry Brit for Men is a perfect illustration of modern English spirit inwrought with tradition’.