Blackdiamond engagement rings


In our human culture, the engagement ring represents the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. It shows woman, like a diamond,how precious you are to me. Because of its gorgeous stones, engagement rings with black diamonds are becoming popular around the world. Though black diamonds are expensive and rare as their colourless counterparts still, they are remarkable and fashionable at a reasonable price.

It is a frightening experience for a lot of men to purchase the perfect engagement ring for his beloved. A black diamond ring by segaljewellery designs is ideal for your future fiancée because of exclusive design which makes a unique twist to a proposal and makes her feel truly special.

Are you feeling a little confused? Don’t be. Here in this article, I gave you a quick overview of suggestions to help you find the black diamond engagement rings you are looking for your beloved.

Black Diamond ring Meaning

A black diamond is something that is attractively gorgeous. Its fascination lies in its beautiful and mysterious colour. Usually, people indicate black colour as death and grief. But black colour is also recognized as authority, power, strength, faith and desire. So, it is not incorrect to say; a black diamond ring is the symbol of a couple’s love, passion, commitment and strength of their relations.

So, why not a black diamond ring is for weeding or engagement purpose! After all black diamond ring halo offers an exciting and stylish alternative to the traditional diamond and precious stone engagement rings. It is also an expression of love in a little bit dramatic and exceptional way.

Is black diamond really “black”?

Usually Diamond found in pink, yellow, blue, etc. in colour. Black diamonds are not black. Its lots of dark presences and tiny deposits of sulfides in the stone make it dark in colour. Naturally, black diamonds are not evenly black, but it has a darkish appearance. But black diamond has its exclusive shine.

In the market, most black diamond is solid in colour and mostly opaque. Due to a solid black colour, there is no refraction of light (like other fancy coloured diamonds), so diamond appears cloudy.

Are Black Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Some people asked that questions frequently. Yes, Black diamonds are real diamonds. And it is using the same chemical composition which uses by traditional colourless diamonds. Inclusions are responsible for giving black diamond their black colour. And it also makes the transparent diamond and black diamond difference from each other.

Propose with a black diamond engagement ring

Black diamond represents eternal, perfect, and unchangeable love, which makes it ideal for a diamond engagement ring. Black diamonds connect with desire, action and energy.

So, you can propose your fiancée with a black diamond engagement ring. If you trust in your love, then don’t let people’s opinion rule on you. Just follow your heart and buy a black diamond engagement ring.

The best part is of black diamond engagement ring is it’s suitable for both males and females. Yes, men black diamond rings are also available in the market, and a man with masculine personality is preferred to wear a black diamond ring. It looks beautiful when worn by the bride and at the same time looks handsome when worn by the groom. Hence, if you loveeach other and courageous, then black diamond engagement ring will undoubtedly best for your taste and personality.

Black and white diamond wedding rings: the best classical combination

Black and white diamond wedding rings is the best artistic combination in the fashion world. But did you know, what’s the best colour combination in the world of jewellery? It is white gold and black diamond. The gorgeous and elegant look is sure to make your beloved heart skip a beat.The excellent colour of the white gold improves the striking glimpse of the black diamond in a remarkable way. If you wish to give your finance a ring that has the absolute wow-factor, then a white gold and black diamond engagement ringsare the best to consider.

Black Diamond ring price

Does a curious mind want to know how much a black diamond ring cost?Don’t worry about that.Inevitably, a black diamond ring is cheaper than other traditional diamond and precious stone. Its price can vary on some factors like – colour, cut, and carat. Black Diamond ring pricedetermines on whether the stone is natural or colour-enhanced. A natural black coloured diamond is expensive than a Colour-enhanced stone, and in-market you will mostly find colour-enhanced black diamonds with a uniform black colour.

How to Choose a Black Diamond Ring

While choosing a black diamond ring must consider these following questions, which shape to go for? And which will be the best setting for my black engagement ring? Both these help you to buy a black diamond ring for her. ●

Shapefor my black engagement ring

Black diamond rings are generally cut round, oval or square shape because they don’tdivert light. These shapes are just right for solid deep black colour and look best as a diamond in black engagement rings. ●

The setting for my black engagement ring

Because black diamonds are so exclusive, any black diamond engagement ring is bound to bring in lots of concentration. Put together your black diamond with a beautiful andproper setting for an engagement ring that willappreciate for years to come. When Black diamond rings set in a prong, pave or channel setting it looks very beautiful and magnificent.

In a black diamond ring, the centre stone is usually black diamond highlighted with small white diamonds. This black and white create contrast and unique element of charm. For this reason, a black diamond rings commonly set in white gold or platinum.

Black Diamonds Jewelry

Black Diamonds not only use for an engagement ring but also used in jewellery items. The black diamond looks magnificent in jewellery items such as earrings, wedding bands, bracelets and necklaces. Like other diamonds when you use black diamond as a piece of jewelry, then you are most likely to see, appreciated by others. You also enjoy yourself. For this reason, many people fall in love with black diamond jewellery, and they also fully enjoy purchasing exclusive, stylish, magnificent black diamond jewelry.


On the other hand, don’t choose a black diamond engagement ring just because others are buying. An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that you will treasure for life and may wear daily. So, grab a black diamond engagement ring because of its aspects, and not because it’s in fashion or it’s cheaper than a sparkler white diamond engagement ring.

After all, an engagement ring is a reflection of our personality and shows “who you are”. The black diamond is pure and natural beauty, and every piece of jewellery is going to attract attention wherever you go. When you wear blackdiamondjewelry, everyone is going to be mesmerized by its beauty and power.So, if a black diamond blends with your personality, then go for it!