Best New Menswear

Menswear is a wide array of clothes, shoes and accessories that can be owned by a man. Every year there are hundreds of designers from around the world that come up with varied styles and trends that millions of men from around the world love to follow. Some of these trends stay whereas most of them get replaced with newer and fresher oneís next year.

A man can look simple and handsome in a pair of jeans and shirt and also make for a handsome man if he walks out in a three-piece suit. It is all in the way that he carries himself. At the same time, it would always be great to own iconic pieces off brands that can enhance oneís wardrobe

Styles may shift now and then as times change but the characteristics of a well-dressed man generally remain classic. Take a look at the new menswear pieces that are trending and could up your game just as much.

True Blue Dress Shirt

A dress shirt helps is one that can be worn on multiple occasions. It can be worn on a lot of formal occasions and men look crisp and sharp in it. The trends in this year include the true-blue dress shirt. The right one with a sharp cut gives a great impression of you to the onlookers.

Black Shades

Whether your outfit is a suit or a casual denim, a nice pair of sunglasses can just elevate every outfit you don. There are so many new introduced in the market that it is difficult to keep track. But a classic pair from Rayban or Fastrack can just do the trick for you.


Loafers is one footwear that needs to be included in your wardrobe because the right pair can help you dress up or dress down. It can be worn with or without socks and look stylish yet classy in an understated way.

The Sweatpants

Itís the details that differentiates regular sweatpants from the stylish ones. The stylish ones come with reinforced knees, a subtle taper and a wide waistband with a thick rope drawstring thatís sits on your hips instead of below them.


Boots can up all your clothes a notch as soon as you step out wearing them. One of the must ownís are the Brown Suede boots from Clarks. It goes with a variety of clothes like chinos, trousers, corduroys and can be worn on multiple occasions.

The All-Time Hoodie

A hoodie can be donned on multiple occasions from your gym time to your running jogs to your walks and sometimes just when you are out with your friends. Todd Snyderís Champion sweats have the stamina to take you from a coffee run to the gym to casual Friday at the office.

Denim Shirts

A Leviís Denim Shirt is going to last just as long and work just as many pieces in your closet as your go-to white Oxford only the more destroyed it gets, the cooler its going to look.

Around the Clock trousers

In 2019, your dressier trousers donít have to fit like the shapeless wool sacks youíre used to wearing; they should fit like your favourite pair of jeans. The key is the cut, and thatís something Gant Rugger perfected years ago.

An Investment Watch

You might not be able to buy a watch like a Rolex this year, or even within the next five. But eventually you should treat yoíself since nothing completes your look like one of the Classic Rolex or a Swiss watch.

The White Oxford Shirt

No button up shirt works harder than a white Oxford Shirt. A great one like Thom Browneís now-iconic take on the staple, it only gets better each time you wear it. The cotton shirt with the sturdy cotton eventually begins to break down and soften making it look crisp and at times silky.

Silk Tie

A silk knit tie is the best a man can own. Itís the kind of ties. It doesnít go with most of the collared shirts in your closet but rather goes with all of them! Ralph Laurenís take on this tie is the best there is available in the business and being one of the new ones in the market, itís a must own.

Classic Black Suit

The recent trends had gone a different way with the tweed and the criss-cross making its way in the fashion business but the classic black suit is back and there to stay. Black jeans are great and all but nothing will make you feel like a badass like a slim, black suit. Buy one as tastefully executed as any available out there and you just might find yourself walking in slow motion like those guys in Reservoir Dogs.

A Striped Dress Shirt

Patterns can be tricky to pull off. But a blue striped dress shirt like the one from Ralph Lauren is again, classic to own. its as easy to wear ass white, while adding depth and dimension to your look.


Slim, abbreviated trunks or boxer shorts that keep everything in place are the foundation of every outfit. The people at Calvin Klein have perfected them, so all you have to do is go out and get them.


A modern, oversized sole and translucent upper make these kicks an ideal sneaker for 2019. There are newer varieties out now from Nike, Adidas, Puma and the likes. Owning a pair of sneakers completes your look in a different way. You look casual ready!


Cozier than wool trousers but nicer than jeans, cords are key in your winter wardrobe. Whether youíre a wide wale, pleated trouser man or like a pair that looks and fits more like jeans, corduroys have you covered. Thereís nothing like an Italian corduroy to complete your wardrobe.

Leather Jacket

Whether you are biker or not, a leather jacker is a must own! they come in a variety of colours like various shades of browns and blues. But a classic black leather jacket is one you reach for in times of need because it blends with everything.

Leather Belt

Even your worst jeans get a better look with a great leather belt. Your best jeans deserve a bet to hold them up thatís as rugged and classic and maybe a bit badass as the jeans themselves. And that means no wimpy buckles.