Best Men’s Watches

Most men these days carry with them a host of accessories before stepping out of their homes. It ranges from wallets, handkerchiefs and even sunglasses. Amongst all of these, a watch is the one that stands out the most. The type of watch a man wears tells a lot significantly about the kind of personality he possesses. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right kind of watch that matches your personality.

With clocks up on the wall and time now available on our phones, it may seem pointless to own a watch. But, wearing a watch has got more to do than just looking at it for time. A wristwatch is one such accessory that serves not only multiple purposes but also stands true to the test of time.

Watches are now available in a variety of types. Naming a few would be – diving watches, aviation watches, dress watches among a dizzying category of watches. The best makers of men’s watches are the Germans, the Japanese and let’s not forget the Swiss. Watches for men are sold for some exorbitant prices that are classic and timeless, yet may not be able to be possessed by a lot of people.

Here we’ve listed several watches that you can wear for an everyday purpose as also for occasions, and yet they are beautiful to slide them to your wrist. They depict style in an understated and an elegant way.


Tissot is one such company that is known to give out pieces that score on both looks and prices. You could collect as many watches as possible since Tissot is an affordable brand with classic timepieces and since it has been innovating since 1853, you can be sure you are purchasing one of the genuine heritage pieces of the yesteryears.


Seiko is a Japanese brand that grows its quartz for its battery-powered timepieces and prides itself on making everything in-house. You can buy any timepiece for at a very reasonable price, and it will feel like a bonus. The price though comes across as too much, but it is worth the money paid. It’s primarily a one-time investment since it will last longer and is timeless in its looks. Each watch is robustly made with an aesthetic sense way beyond its price tag.

Timex Weekender Chrono

Timex watches not only have the basics of a design made by science but also comes at a meagre price. The Weekender series is perfect for anyone who wants a great watch at an unbeatable price. The bands are interchangeable so that you can pick both cloth or leather, or even both, depending on your choice.

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Fossil the Commuter

The commuter is a name aptly given to this watch, which is a great companion for a guy who is always out and about. The slate grey and tan colour scheme of the mineral crystal face make it ideal for daytime use, and the slightly retro style is sure to win you compliments. It’s rugged and sleek, which makes it perfect for daily wear that could be both casual and formal depending on the attire you choose to go with.


Casio is famously known for its gold-plated digital bracelet that for an extended period was the ironic wrist adornment of every youth. But to reduce it to just one flagship item would be demeaning to what this brand has to offer. The retro nostalgia will always be there because it has a collection named after it- Retro Collection- but you can also get your hands on the world timers, Bluetooth hybrids and styles suitable for scuba diving. You can consider this brand as a one-stop-shop for all your watch needs, from digital to dress.


Casio’s muscular cousin is over 30 years old, but its charm certainly hasn’t worn off. Three decades later, it has come up with the G-shock. This design takes some beating when it comes to durability. It comes with a range of added extras, from the useful- world time, automatic calendar and alarms to the more specialist, such as moon data analysis and yacht timers.


It was created to be the cheapest watch on the market and has a name that is a mash between ‘Swiss’ and ‘watch’- not the best credentials for a-long-lasting success. But it’s amazing how much mileage Swatch has got out of some injection-moulded plastic. Swatches tag line goes as ‘If you can imagine it, we can do it’. To market this, the company collaborated with artist and designers who are at the forefront of youth culture. It is perfect for the youth of today who wants to effortlessly cool and classy at the same time.


When you speak of pilot’s watches, the name that instantly comes to mind is Breitling, Bremont and Bell & Ross; brands that you need a pilot’s license to afford. This makes AVI-8 a great catch since you get all the aviation inspiration but without the expensive price tag. There are six collections in the aviation range – five that are named after planes and one affectionately called as the ‘Flyboy’. They have everything that you’d want from this style of a timepiece.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s collection is a sort of tribute to the preppy East-Coast American style that made his name. It is the kind of sports elegance embodied by Kennedy’s one that works best with a pair of chinos and a sweater artfully draped around the shoulders. This isn’t a brand that’s about mechanics or reinvention. It’s about creating a wardrobe full of classic pieces you’ll always want to wear. You can wear this for all sorts of occasion and it will immediately up your game anywhere you go.


Citizen has always prided itself on being accessible watches for all consumers alike. So much so that the Japanese brand was just the one manufacturer responsible for the Quartz Crisis peddling the most accurate watches ever made at a fraction of traditional prices. It may be bad news for Switzerland but undoubtedly good news for your wrist and wallet. Today, Citizen has continued the same budget-friendly mantra and offers a wide range of landmark pieces like the Eco-Drive- a line that uses the artificial light to power the battery. This means that you won’t have to go looking for a replacement very soon. It is long-lasting, durable and yet a classic, timeless piece to own.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are tons of brands out there that could fancy your liking as per your taste. However, the ones mentioned above are those pieces that one ought to have in his wardrobe to be ready for any occasion. Some of them are maybe a little expensive for your pocket to own, but they are those classic timepieces that change your personality instantly. They are also long-lasting; hence, they shall be a one-time investment that you could pass on to your next generation as a keepsake.