Best Materials for a Bespoke Jacket


Jacket is a very popular piece of official clothing for any business occasion for both man and women. Most often it is worn with skirt, but trousers also fit it well. Shops offer a wide range of interesting jackets however it an be also made-to-measure by a professional tailor. What material should be chosen for such project?

Shops can provide us with a variety of jacket models – single-breasted, double-breasted, shorter, longer, plain or striped, in bigger or smaller sizes. Nevertheless sometimes even the greatest stock range of products is not enough for a demanding client to find something interesting. In this case a good thing to do would be simply visiting a tailor and ordering a bespoke jacket. The choice of sewing material will be vital.

Best jacket materials

There are many materials to choose from, so we can carefully adjust the fabric to the purpose of the jacket and the effect we expect. Our choice is vital as some materials are better  for official occasions and the other would rather fit more casual users.

One of the most popular materials – gabardine, which is averagely thick and is known for its crosswise braid is traditionally produced from wool, but can be nowadays made from both cotton and artificial fibres. Clients often choose corduroy or denim as a base material for jacket (these materials are very popular in casual clothing industry), what can make it a great outerwear for warmer days. Jackets are also sewn from lighter materials such as cotton, silk or thin wool.

Where to buy?

Many interesting materials are available in specialist tailoring shops (maybe a local salesman resides in your area?) and can be found online. The variety of colors and patterns is overwhelming. While looking for something original and eye-catching try visiting ctnbee.com/en which offers a service of fabric printing what gives you the opportunity to customise patterns on a chosen material – including gabardine. If you have an original idea for a piece of clothing along with ctnbee.com/en you can achieve a desired look effortlessly!