All of the Essential Pieces You Need for a Wardrobe That Lasts All Summer


The summer is a favorite season for many people across the world. This is the time of year when a majority of people spend time outside, whether it be to hit the beach, spend the day on the lake, or enjoy one of the many outdoor events the season is known for. It is also the season where people get excited to get dressed. Primarily this is because the summer means you can wear less and still be comfortable. With travel being common for most during the warmer months, the trick is figuring out how to travel light.

It doesnít matter if youíre planning on traveling the world this summer or if youíll be bumming around your hometown with friends. Whatever you do, youíll be able to feel satisfied with your wardrobe by investing in some very specific essentials. Look over this list and see what you need to grab to maximize the appeal of your look this season. 

Practical Tops

The winter is about utility when it comes to clothing. While you can layer and look cute all you want, the main point of dressing in the colder months is to ensure your warmth. With the summer, the opposite is true. Instead of dressing for function, most people are dressing for relaxation. Wearing too many items can encourage perspiration, which easily makes a summer outfit look a bit off. To avoid this, be sure to focus on tops that are light, breezy, and in white or off-white shades.

The best way to do this is by investing in a few simple pieces. Namely, youíll need a v-neck shirt, regular t-shirt, and a tank top. This trio is perfect for hot or humid days, allowing you to look like a summery vision of coolness without going to much effort. Additional pieces to consider as tops for this season include a cami and a sleeveless top. Light sweaters are also a good idea for areas where the temperature drops at night or for the grey and chilly days that are sometimes peppered through the summertime.

Simple Pants

With tops, you want to go light. When it comes to what you wear on your bottom half, youíre going to want to go dark. A pair of black skinny jeans is something every person should have in his or her rotation. While great for the summer, this style of pants is always fashionable regardless of the time of year. The jeans will pair perfectly with white or lighter tops as well as any colors you decide to splash into your look via accessories and makeup.

Naturally, pants are not the go-to solution for most people in the summer. Typically, shorts are the answer. Having more than one pair of shorts in your wardrobe is a good idea during this season. Still, you can survive with one pair of quality jean shorts if you take care of them. While shorts are most comfortable, remember that you must always dress for the occasion. Shorts are ideal for cruises from Melbourne, but youíll want to focus on a breezy dress or similar option when you have a more sophisticated event to attend.

Donít Forget Accessories and Shoes

Finally, no outfit is complete without the right shoes and some clever accessories. For footwear, you canít lose if you invest in a pair of durable sandals. Wedge sandals are trendy at the moment, but you can go with whatever style you find most appealing. A hat in any style is also encouraged, as the brim will block harmful UV rays from damaging your skin or causing you to sweat. Jewelry should match the occasion, but gold is a great texture and color to work with when youíre wearing black and white. Get creative and see what you discover.

Purchasing a few essential items can work wonders for your ability to look great all summer long. Find the right pieces to keep you cool this season and get ready to make the most out of this amazing season of possibilities.