Accessories for Men Ė The Must-Haves

As a kid and a boy, you must have had a PlayStation, and if you had one then well, it was your most prized possession. Now that you have grown up, its time to change your priorities and put down childish things. Your casual sneakers will take a backseat will be worn on the weekends. Now that youíve begun to do things for yourself, it is time to get you a list of accessories that are a must-have for men.

A manís wardrobe reflects his personality. If you pick your accessories correctly, you can make even the most boring outfits look great. Accessories can do magic in turning your dull and straightforward outfits into something stylish and elegant.

An accessory may seem like a word that is usually associated with females, but it is now equally used for males. People are typically attracted to a man with a classy tie, an elegant timepiece and a decent belt. It may seem like a mammoth task to rearrange your entire wardrobe, but you donít need to do so. By making sure you have the right accessories in your closet, you can be ready for any occasion.

Some of the must-have accessories for men are:


Yes, you could look for time on your phone or laptop or tablet, but a beautiful watch says a lot about your taste. It is the only hand accessory that a man can invest in, and it helps in making an exceptional impression. A menís watch is an essential accessory that needs to be owned by every man. Although owning multiple of these that go for casual and formal occasions would be a great idea, having a basic black watch, too, would do the trick.

A watch is one thing that people notice, consciously or unconsciously, but it does get seen. It is a versatile accessory to own that goes with any outfit and thus is an investment. It is something that is cherished by many for years and is sometimes even handed down to the next generation.


A wallet is usually carried around by most men. Men cannot forget their wallet since it holds all the essential documents and money. This makes it so much more important to own a good wallet and make sure it is kept neat and tidy with only the important stuff stored within it.

However, it is rare to find one that isnít worn out in looks. It so happens that men are comfortable using the first wallet they ever used with them for life since it is convenient and also fits inside their pockets without hurting them where it is kept. But a shabby wallet looks terrible even if you end up looking impeccably dressed. If you are someone who does not like carrying a wallet around, you can always opt for a money clip cum phone-cover that allows you to store some cash along with your phone.


Sunglasses can be used for covering your eyes under the sun. However, you can also use it to give yourself an aura of mystery. Whether youíre a sunglass man or not, sunglasses are essential because theyíre going to protect you from squinting, which creates wrinkles around your eyes. Identify your face shape and choose a frame that suits you the best. Aviators and wayfarers are safe bets if youíre looking to add a little flair. If you are someone that wears spectacles, try out a stylish half-rimmed frame and watch people turn their heads at you as you walk down the street.

With the beard done right and a proper hairstyle, a classy or sporty sunglass would make people look twice at you!


In the earlier days, when belts were introduced, they were used to tighten up the pants at the waist. In the past few decades or so, the utilizing of belts has extended that sole purpose and is being used as a fashion statement. A high-quality leather belt can last you for a long time and also completes your formal look.  As the rule, goes: if your pants have belt loops, wear a belt. Also, always match your belt with your shoes. Pick up a few belts in different colours and materials so that you have a fair share to choose from when you are styling an outfit. Try to match your belt to your shoes to complete your outfit.


Neckties are available in a variety of colors, designs, materials and styles. You have to go for the right one as per your outfit, and the colour combination as a wrong choice can break your look. Keeping a bowtie handy will also help you since some formal occasions will need you to wear bowties along with suits.


Bags are the only accessory that holds all the stuff an individual needs without having to carry a lot of things in hand. It could be your presentation day at work, or you may have a party to attend to outstation, a bag has got you covered. There are stylish bags now available in the market that let you carry around your stuff while also looking good as you carry it.


It is time to get rid of your white socks. These socks can and should be worn as your everyday socks. Yes, the most important thing again, which gets noticed unconsciously, but plays a significant role in the attire. Just make sure the socks match up with your shoes and arenít too showy.


A good pair of back and brown shoes can go a long way. Not only do these look great with suits but also look great with chinos, jeans and trousers when you want to dress up a more casual outfit.

Boxer Briefs

All women find boxer briefs great on a man. Especially if they are in darker colours, then it is all the better. A gentleman will always be seen wearing one. It displays decency in a man and shows that he does take care of himself externally as well as internally.


A handkerchief is often used as a pocket square, but its primary utility is to be able to wipe your face, cleaning your glasses or to dry up your ladyís tears. Linen handkerchiefs last a lifetime, and real Irish linen handkerchiefs may be passed from father to son.


Women like a man who smells good. But you probably already know that. So now itís time to act on it! The cologne of a man can do wonders for him. To a woman, a cologne could be a .big factor as to how she remembers him the next time they meet. You must pick a scent that best suits your personality and stick to it so that people associate you with the smell in the long run.

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A scent helps one to jog the memory and to get nostalgic about a lot of things. Donít wear a strong smell or a very light one, it should just be the right one, and you are all set. Also, donít bathe in your perfume. Spray a little on your chest, and the base of your throat apart from your underarms and youíre good to go! Therefore, owning the right cologne will go a long way for you.


There may be things mentioned above that youíve never used before. But it is never too late to start now. You can make use of some of them or maybe all of them and see how it does wonders to your personality! Women, and people in general love a well-dressed gentleman who takes care of himself and his looks.