A Complete Fashion Guide On What To Wear In Goa


A hippie with his hair tied in a bun and tinted in his glasses enjoying chilled beer against the seashore, impervious to the world around him-if it were to be personified, this would be Goa! Goa is for anyone looking for some much-needed respite from the hip and happening beaches of North Goa stretching effortlessly along the western coastline to the peace of the South. It could be the smallest state in the nation, but without a shred of doubt, it is the most sought-after destination for the perfect beach vacation. Here we are going to check what to wear in Goa guide.

If you plan to enjoy your new years in Goa, do check out Asia’s largest music and dance festival, Sunburn. Due to Goa’s very laid back vibe, what to wear in Goa can range from a free-flowing maxi dress for the beach to a stylish bodycon for the music festivals. Whether it’s a relaxed day of beach tripping or sunbathing at Palolem, or an indulgent evening at the electrifying nightlife of Baga, here’s what to dress in Goa and not feel out of place.

Things to keep in mind when packing up for a trip to Goa

  • Renting a car or two-wheelers in Goa is truly easy. Goa isn’t exactly a destination for backpacking, so there’s no need to pack light! So feel free to bring your cute accessories and clothes with you!
  • It is essential to check the weather in advance before heading to any destination so you can plan accordingly. Goa’s environment is almost still hot, and Goa’s dress code is summer clothes. Do check the weather before you start packing, whether if it’s the rainy season or warm weather.
  • It’s essential to plan the accessories when planning what to wear at Goa. Jewelry is nearly unnecessary on the beach since most metals will be ruined by humidity and sand. Moreover, wearing jewelry can make it very uncomfortable to swim in the sea or play on the beach. And if you carry small stud earrings, there’s a very high chance they’re going to slip off, and you’re going to lose them in the sea. So avoid carrying any expensive/delicate pieces of jewelry made from metal.
  • Same with handbags. Avoid faux-leather, as the sweat can destroy the finish, and at the beach, they seem unacceptable. So carry bags made from fabric, jute, or plastic. Go for cross-body bags because they are comfortable, and leave your beach time hands-free.
  • If you are going to be out on the beach all day, you can also go for a tote bag. Your beach towel, shopping items, and other paraphernalia can be your tote. And drop everything in your hotel and simply carry your phone in a belt-pouch waterproof!
  • Footwear is crucial for any tropical holiday. Your shoes should be as comfortable as possible and beach appropriate. Ideally, the shoes should be the ones you don’t mind losing! If you want to know what to wear at Goa, flip-flops and open-toe sandals are the best beach choice. So if I were preparing a Goa tour, my first job would be to go and buy a new pair of flip-flops that can go with most of my sundresses!

How To Plan Your Goa Outfits?

If it’s your first time in Goa, visualizing your holiday plans is a good idea, so that you can prepare your looks accordingly. This sort of thing extends to all genders: what to dress for men’s clothes in Goa too. Here are the everyday things you are going to do that you can plan your outfits for:

  • Beach lounging
  • Reading or hanging out with friends
  • Lunches or dinners at the beach shacks
  • Drinks in casual bars 
  • Visit a nightclub or dance club
  • Beach hopping in the sea
  • Watching sunsets on the beach
  • Shopping streets or flea markets
  • Visiting Kayaking churches or motorboats
  • Paragliding Sandcastles or beach picnics
  • Visiting old Portuguese houses
  • Visiting spice farms or cashew nut shopping
  • Dinners at various restaurants, try feni or Goan local cuisine

Here Is An Answer To What To Wear In Goa?

Here is a list of what to wear in Goa:

Cover up dresses for women

Finally, when you are ready to leave the sand, these can be placed over swimwear. Sweet and airy, these are in perfect rhythm with the climatic humidity of Goa. You don’t have to tie them up like sarongs because they come to choose from in various designs-kaftans, ponchos or kimonos.

You should traditionally take crochet cover-ups and sarongs along with you. But mesh dresses are currently in beachwear topping up trend charts. Black mesh dresses on the beach serve as extremely classy cover-ups. If you don’t want to spend too much money on sarongs, use a long scarf to make it look like a sarong. Or rather, you should don a tie-up top and pants. Or dress up in a t-shirt over your bikini and just take it off at the beach. Don’t fear that, we have your back when it comes to what to dress in beaches in Goa. Summer can pinch at Goa, so don’t forget about your cover-ups/sarongs.

Bikinis and monokinis, What to Wear In Goa?

A right swimsuit is essential if you plan on getting into the water. And Goa is one of the few places in the country, liberal about stylish beach outfits. Who worked out really hard in the gym? Here’s the chance to show off your washboard abs. But if bikinis make you feel uncomfortable, then high-tailored bikinis and tankinis are also great options. Among all the bikini-clad women, you shouldn’t look like a misfit in your shorts, and let your insecurities double. Only pick the one that best suits your body type. Make sure you just wear bikinis in beach/pool areas and not in public places in general, unless you want to be a showpiece for walks. Goa keeps its beaches solely confined to modernity.

Checkout the cool new collection of women’s board shorts swimwear from Swimoutlet, that provides some great stock in swimwears.

Without a bikini/bodysuit, the luggage is incomplete as it is the most important women’s beachwear. The number of bikinis you bring will vary depending on how many days you’re going on. If you are only going 2-3 days, one bikini/monokini is going to be enough. If you’re taking an extended holiday, carry multiple bits of bikini/bodysuit so you can experiment with different shades and different styles. These days, the one-piece swimsuit is more fashionable than a bikini. You can also go for a short high waist or a scallop suit, too. You can go in for cut-outs for monokinis. Someone who doesn’t feel comfortable showing too much skin will comfortably wear and pull a monokini with shorts.


We know that bikinis are not just a holiday outfit for everyone. A sarong is an ideal thing, particularly for them out there, who have curvy bodies. These wraparounds go with the beachy vibe, and you can wear them easily over your swimwear. You could even turn a sarong into a dress, wrapping together in style and comfort. These come in a wide range of vibrant colors, accentuating the general holiday spirit and can be wrapped up in various ways. Sarongs are readily available at any market on Goan beach. They are going to be a total steal if you can buy them at the right price.

Cotton shorts | What to Wear In Goa?

It’s always wise to carry fabrics that dry up quickly when on a beach holiday. In addition to taking their sweet time while drying, denim shorts can also be quite intolerable in the heat. Not to mention the numerous pockets that have weeks of sand pouring out of them.

The merrier, at least one of your shorts, will be spoiled because of the saltwater. So carry as many quite a few numbers of shorts, to be on the safe side. This way, every time you step out, you will add another pair. And if you are spoiling some of them by accident, you don’t have to worry about going’ soft on trousers.’ The best part about shorts is that they are comfortable and Goa is the kind of place where most restaurants, clubs, and pubs allow shorts for the customers. If you have those on your checklist, then in Goa, you know what to wear. Do not forget to keep your cotton shorts ready while you are packing for Goa.

Tank tops

Hang at home the formal ties and casual T-shirts. Save room in your luggage by carrying common halter-neck spaghetti and racer-back tops you cannot wear regularly. The best part is that almost anything can be combined with them.

Never count the number of crop tops that you are wearing when you are going to a beach town because you never know what you would need. And, which crop top is going to go perfectly with which outfit. Crop tops are Bikini sisters. So if a bikini isn’t your thing, it’s going to be a crop top. Tie-up crop tops allow swimming-wear cooler than swimwear itself. Much better, when you pair them with skirts or trousers, crop tops will act as party tops at night.

Loose-fitting trousers

Now, some of you do not prefer to wear shorts or don’t want to get the tan lines on your legs. Your best friends are harem pants, wide-leg pants, linen cargos, palazzos, panties, and gypsy pants.

Get rid of those shorts. Pair the bikini tops with floral prints and floating palazzos. If you’re in a hippie mood, go for dhoti pants and a sports bra. Ruffle pants are a great way to look different and get your fashion sense into people’s eyes. When you don’t know what to wear in Goa, it’s the best option.

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What’s more vacation-like than an accessorized flower-designed sundress with a sunhat and a pair of Hawaii flip-flops. So this is perfect when you are out for an evening stroll, sightseeing, or just going out for brunch.

Long skirts

Flowy skirts can mean you get the best time to dance away your troubles while still enjoying the breeze. No room for tight, sophisticated mini-skirts here. Don’t know what to carry on the beach? It’s time to buy clothes for your trip. Do get a maxi skirt for yourself as a perfect addition. For a complete look, pair it with a crop top. How about this time going for long pleated skirts?

Maxi dresses | What To Wear In Goa List?

Whether you are having a trance party at Curlies or just sitting for a few drinks by a bar, you can never go wrong with a tropical printed maxi dress. To spice things up, go for off-shoulders and side-slit maxis.

Carry as many maxi dresses as you like. Dresses are the coziest piece of clothing when you are in a beach town. They can be used as cover-ups, and as band costumes. They are comfortable, fashionable, attractive, and before wearing them out, you don’t have to think twice. To keep up with the coastal vibe, try taking more maxi and flowy dresses. A tropical mental state also goes well with floral dresses. Experiment more and throw your basics away. You can also try a print on print if you are wild enough.

Printed jumpsuits | What To Wear In Goa?

Try long jumpsuits or playsuits, if dresses aren’t your thing. Jumpsuits add to the fun quotient, especially printed ones, and can also double as beachwear. Playsuits and jumpsuits would be the best clothing to wear at Goa. If you’re heading to Goa for a perfect beach trip, don’t forget to bring a few playsuits, they’re the most comfortable. Floral ones look the best!

Sequinned shorts

Let us just admit that. It’s comfortable with shorts. And they come in different styles these days to choose from-lace shorts, high-waisted shorts, sequined shorts, and embellished shorts. Before you go party hopping, combine them with a neon hat. Your goa trip is incomplete without wearing a party, so be sure to wear a pair of shorts, dresses or jumpsuits to enjoy Goa’s nightlife in style. Sequins dresses are the best goa clothes you get for a party wearing in your luggage.

We hope you like this guide on what to wear in Goa.