8 Summer Shirts Every Man Needs

Summer Shirts

What may at first appear to be the most simple of garments is anything but. The shirt is an iconic wardrobe staple with a legacy of the earliest days. Even as time moves on, it continues being the hardest working item in our closet. But as we stride into hotter climates, we look at the key features we should all be looking for in the perfect summer shirt.

The Kings of all things shirt since 1949,GANT Summer Shirtsare long-lasting, sustainably made, and the perfect layering piece. Pair any of the below with your favorite chinos, jeans, or shorts and get ready for the sunshine!

The Linen Shirt

Would this be a summer shirt list without mentioning linen? Linen is essentially synonymous with summer due to it’s lightweight and breathable nature. A linen shirt will allow your skin to breathe and not make you feel overwhelmed when wearing.

Short-Sleeve Shirt

If you’re not a fan of the standard full shirt, the short sleeve is the perfect alternative. Coming in plain to stripey or printed, there are many ways you can enjoy these styles!

The Printed Shirt

For someone who is looking to make a bit of a statement, there’s nothing cooler than a printed shirt. Like postcards, a printed shirt is a great way to remind you of particular times and places.

The Cuban

Soak up the sun in a stylish Cuban style shirt. With short sleeves and an open collar, these are the shirts that instantly creates style and feel cool. Whether you are going to the pub, wearing with shorts or even to dress down a suit – a Cuban shirt is a must for every man.


For all those times you wished you had a small jacket for those cool summer evenings, there’s always the overshirt.

The Grandfather Collar

If you have to go to work with a formal dress code, wearing a standard collar shirt can be tough. Ditch the dress code and opt for a Grandfather Collar and give yourself some sweet relief.

The Denim Shirt

A cult classic, the denim shirt is a piece of clothing that can be worn on it’s own, or instantly cool up an outfit when layering with a white tee. Mix and match up your denim shades for a comfortable yet cool look all year round.

The Polo Shirt

When it comes to versatile summer style staples,the polo shirtcan be the sure fire way to look super stylish in a snap. Unlike it’s tshirt cousin, it’s woven fabric adds a more sophisticated edge to smarten up a casual look, or add a new dimension to casual suiting.