8 Styling Tips On How To Coordinate Boy’s Shoes With Outfit

Boy's Shoes

Kid’s fashion is more complex than adult fashion. Simply because they outgrow their original size within a few months and parents need to begin the search for new options from scratch. Normally, the thought about kid’s fashion is that it’s cute, but that’s restricted to the under-five age group. As your boy moves beyond that age segment, the choices begin to shrink while the pace of change keeps expanding Therefore, it is important to place a little more effort into tuning the outfits and footwear of the men of tomorrow. In case, you are looking for some ideas, here are some reliable suggestions on the topic:


While there are lots of tips on finding and buy best shoes for boys online, there are very few guidelines on how to set the colour tones right. Experts and fashionistas recommend dark-colored footwear to go with boy’s outfits. So, whatever the colour of the outfit, just choose a darker shade of the same colour for the boys’ shoes. The contrast would look wonderful and attractive for all occasions. For teenagers, a pair of sneakers would best complement all kinds of casual and sports outfits.

Shoes With Jeans

Jeans happen to be one of the most popular and regular bottoms choices among boys. Loafers, sneakers, boots, and brogues are some of the best choices among boys’ shoes that work best with a pair of jeans. For smaller ones, you can always select a pair of normal boys’ shoes or sandals depending on the weather and terrain you are in.

Shoes With Trousers

This one relates more closely to teenagers. The best boys shoes for trousers include Flat Soul Sneakers, Loafer Style Shoes, Sleep Ons, Oxford, or Brogue Shoes. The style of shoes may vary according to trouser material and occasion.

Shoes For Joggers

It wouldn’t be fair to avoid joggers since they are so much in trend these days. Since it is a part of a sports ensemble, they go best with popular boys shoe choices like sneakers, loafers, espadrilles, and so on.

Find The Right Kind Of Closure For Every Age Group

Most boys, especially those under the age of ten find it hard to tie their shoelaces. Therefore, it is better to give them a choice with respect to casual and sports shoes. Boys’ shoes with velcro straps or sneakers without laces might be a great help in making them independent. Once, they learn to fasten the laces you may get them sneakers or loafers with laces.

Tailoring Pants And Shoes

Tailoring pants are best for a formal look. However, as a parent or guardian, you need to pay extra attention to the choice of shoes for boys’ who prefer tailored clothes. But ensure that the colour and material are right, most suitable choices include tassel loafers, brogues, and oxford for tailoring pants.

Look For The Right Size

Size change is one of the biggest issues with boys’ shoes and apparel. To be on the safe side, you may go for one size up in terms of shoes but no more. But if you have a strong liking for a perfect fit, make sure that the shoes fit comfortably and are never too tight. The wrong size may hinder the normal development and growth of your kid. On the contrary, loose and big shoes lack good ankle support which is a shortcut to injuries. A large-size shoe may cause the child to lose his balance or have an awkward walking style.

Design Really Matters

Every footwear has its pros and cons, so make sure to look for a design while shopping for boys’ footwear. As mentioned above, slip-on shoes have a special place in every boys’ shoes rack. It ensures a snug fit, comfort, and safety. For senior boys, it is safe to go with buckles, straps, and laces. Apart from this, the sole design also holds high significance. See that the outsole offers ample traction and keeps them from slipping. Growing kids have under-developed muscles and they need good support for proper development. So, make sure you don’t make a mistake in that sense.

Look For The Material

Last but not least, the material holds supreme importance with respect to the choice of shoes. For teenagers, you may go with leather, rubber or other sturdy material. But for small boys, it is important to select shoes made from soft, comfortable, and breathable materials. Make sure that the shoes have additional padding inside and that the sole is crafted from a thick rubber that eases walking, running and climbing on all kinds of terrains. For toddlers, you need to go with soft, breathable material as their skin is highly sensitive and the wrong ones may lead to skin issues and rashes.

Consider Your Kid’s Preference And Comfort Level

Above all, it is crucial to include your kid in every shopping decision and check how comfortable he is with the outfit and footwear choices. A happy kid is a confident, well-performing, kid who would go to extra lengths to meet his objective because of the positivity attached to his appearance.

Avoid Overdressing Your Boy

It is natural to want to pick th best, most ornamented or heavy costume for your kid especially for weddings, parties, and festivities. However, the boy’s fashion rules differ slightly from that of girls. For boys, there is one simple rule – to keep things as minimalistic and as neat as possible. If your boys is a runner or an athlete, choose the apparel that gives them complete freedom of movement, stretching, climbing, etc. Also, a pair or two bright coloured sneakers would definitely help in completing the look without compromising their speed or comfort level.

Final Word

If you are going for online shopping make sure to read the reviews to ensure that the footwear and apparel have good feedback. And do not compromise comfort for style. Get everything you want for your child that brings smile on his face and confidence in his behaviour. And always let him be a part of that choice for every occasion and purpose.