8 Eye-Appealing Short Haircuts for Women Over 60

Women Over 60

SLong haircuts for women over 60 have been trending for a while now. These haircuts are stylish and help women over 60 to look youthful and chic. It is with no doubt that every woman wants to remain young and she will do anything to retain that beauty and youthfulness.

Fortunately, these haircuts are here to help you achieve that. As we grow older, our hair changes so much. It is more vulnerable to damage and hair shed, and this makes it hard to maintain. So in this situation, who do you turn? The solution is these short haircuts for women over 60. Ask celebrities like Hellen Mirren or Judi Dench, and they will tell you short hairstyles are the way to go for older women.

1. Simple Bob.

The bob is one of the most coveted short haircuts for women over 60, and this hairstyle shows why. The haircut is ridiculously stylish and appears gorgeous on most face shapes. To incorporate a bit more oomph to the style, opt for layered frontal layers as these gives you not only face framing but also slim down the lower half of the face.

2. Layered Hair.

This is the best hairstyle for women blessed with naturally curly locks. However, you should start by accentuating your curls first, so you give them beautiful messy but unimaginable look. Layers have proved to be effective in showing off your coiled strands and aid in face framing.

Use a curl definition balm to make your manes wet so as to get the best look for your curls.

3. Crimped Hair with Choppy Ends.

Incorporating waves in your haircut is the best way to achieve glossy, voluminous and elegant looking hair. And if your cheeks are wide, opt for tight, well-defined waves to disguise their look. This cut also smoothes your face framing features, giving you a more hassle-free style than any other haircut.

4. The OTT Lob.

Jane Fonda has mastered the type of haircut that appear beautiful on her face shape and skin colour. This bob she has chosen is ridiculously sculpted and styled together by use of sea-salt hairspray.

The crimped bangs are used to draw interest to your cute facial features. The refined accents at the front not only accentuate the hair but also give frame to your face.

5. Retro Waves.

These short haircuts for women over 60 appear straight out of old Hollywood movie! It is best for women who are reluctant in cutting their hair too short.

The big relaxed waves at the trimmings make the lower half of the face look slender.

6. The Classic Jane Fonda.

This haircut is the most common hairstyle sported by Jane Fonda on most occasions. If you are her fun, you will agree with us. Well, the spiky flicked out hair, and the feathery bangs give this look a youthful look.

The hair is teased on the top of the head to hear height to the face. Lastly, the beautiful blonde hair is used to accentuate the eyes wonderfully. You cannot be Jane Fonda, but you can look like her by sporting her hairstyle!

7. The Swept-Up Bob Style.

If you like looking chic, stylish and sophisticated but you want a hustle-free hairdo, this is the right haircut for you. It is the best short haircuts for women over 60 looking to appear youthful. The swept bangs at the crown makes your face appear lean and long.

To attain this look, start by applying strong-holding hair pomade and comb the hair on the crown upwards. Spray some hairspray to maintain the hairdo intact for some few minutes.

8. Large Curls

You can get these fascinating short haircuts for women over 60 by the use of some styling gel and Velcro rollers. Apply mousse to your wet hair. Roll medium-sized sections of your manes in your Velcro rollers and let them stay there overnight. This process can also be applied on damp manes that is about 75% dry.

The outcomes of this process will surely amaze you. It is elegant style that will leave people staring at your youthful style wherever you go.

Image Credits: Women Over 60 from stockfour/Shutterstock