7 Facts About Jordans Every Sneaker Head Should Know


Every sneakerhead knows that a sneaker collection isn’t complete without a pair of Air Jordans. If you are a real diehard sneakerhead then it’s a given that you have all the top pair of Air Jordan shoes. What separates sneaker fans from true sneakerheads are knowing all the facts there is to know about Jordans.

If you are a real diehard sneakerhead then its a given that you have all the top pair of Air Jordan shoes, and even own theshirts to match with Jordans.

If you believe you know Air Jordans like the back of your hand this article will put your knowledge to the test. Here are 7 Facts about Jordans that every sneakerhead should know.

The First Pair Was Released in 1985

On April 1, 1985, the first pair of Air Jordans made their debut to the public. The Air Jordans were specifically designed for the six-time NBA Finals MVP Michael Jordan in 1984. Micheal wore the Air Jordans while he played for the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan Wanted to Go With Adidas Over Nike

After leaving the University of North Carolina in 1984, Michael Jordan’s dream was to sign with Adidas. Jordan would describe himself as an Adidas fanatic.

He mentioned to his agent that if he could get a deal with Adidas in the ballpark of what he wanted he would sign with them.

At the same time, Nike was contacting Jordan as well about a shoe. He didn’t even want to take the meeting with Nike. Yet, after a talk with this mother, he decided to hear Nike out and the rest was history.

The Ball-and-Wings Logo Was Designed on a Napkin

Another interesting fact about jordans is how they got their logo. At the time, the Creative Director for Nike was Peter Moore and he is responsible for the Ball-And-Wings Logo. During a flight from Portland to Chicago, Peter saw a kid wearing replica pilot wings.

He took out a napkin and began to draw the first Air Jordan “Wings” logo. The reason being the replica wings reminded Peter of Micheal Jordan’s flight like abilities on the court.

There Are 35 Pair of Air Jordans in Total

One more fact you may find interesting about Air Jordans is there are only 35 pairs in all. It is important to note that doesn’t count the retro variations, the many colorways, and sneaker fan customizations.

The Secret Message on the Air Jordan 21’s

If you are looking into buying Air Jordans the 21’s are sure to provide you with an extra wow factor.

There is a glow-in-the-dark message located on the circular panel of the sneaker. The message is visible if you place the sneakers under black light.

This was started to help customers know they were getting an authentic pair of Air Jordans.

The Air Jordan II Was the First Luxury Basketball Sneakers

When the Air Jordan II made its debut it was the only pair of Jordans made in Italy. They featured faux lizard skin on the upper and got its inspiration from a women’s boot. This shoe created a new level of luxury not seen in sneakers before.

The Most Expensive Pair of Jordans Sold for Over Six Figures

One of the last interesting facts about Jordans is that a single pair was sold for $104,000. Worn in the infamous flu game, this sale makes it the most expensive pair of Air Jordans ever made.

Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Jordans?

With so many interesting facts about Jordans, we couldn’t possibly cover all of them in one article. As a sneakerhead how many of these facts did you know? If you are looking for articles like this and more feel free to visit our website today!