5 things to keep in mind before buying lab grown diamonds

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Buying diamonds is always a tough decision. Given its expensive prices, it is essential to find out everything you can before going for it. Be it for your engagement ring, or a gift to your loved one, diamonds are usually gifted for sentimental reasons. So, it is important to know all you can while buying one the most important thing being the knowledge that there are two types of diamonds, namely, earth-grown and lab-grown. Lately, a lot of people have been choosing the latter option because of its many advantages over the first. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind before buying a lab-grown diamond. Lets take a look at them.

1. Easy on the pocket

Not willing to spend a bomb on your engagement ring? Then lab-grown diamonds are a good option for you. There are cheaper in price as compared to earth-grown diamonds. If you compare an earth-grown diamond and a lab-grown diamond of the same size, the lab-grown one will be half the price. That is a pretty big saving in itself, while not compromising on the quality and appearance at all.

2. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds

A lot of people feel that lab-grown diamonds are the artificial and duplicate version of earth-grown diamonds. That is not the case. Lab grown diamonds are as real as the other ones. The only difference being that they are synthetically made. Their atomic composition, physical appearance, etc. is exactly identical to real diamonds, so much so, that even experts will not be able to distinguish between them without a specialized machine.

3. They do have an exchange value

Similar to earth-grown diamonds, ones created in a lab also can be appraised and re-sold or exchanged. You can get them insured and later get your money back as well. Contradictory to the fear of most people, it is not a dead investment at all. Due to this reasons itself, lab grown diamonds uk are rising to popularity slowly but steadily.

4. They are small in size

The current technology used in creating diamonds synthetically restricts their size. So if youre dreaming of sporting a big rock on your finger, this may not be the deal for you. However, technologies change and there are always advancements, so in the near future, we can hope to get lab-grown diamonds in big sizes as well.

5. Keeping your diamond clean

Be it a an organic diamond or a lab-grown, daily wear can result in dulling the sparkle because of many reasons such as dirt build up, sweat, excess water contact, etc. If you wat to keep the sparkle alive, you need to care for it regularly as well. Washing it with mild soap, warm water and rubbing with a soft brush once a week can keep your diamond looking fresh for longer periods of time.

As they say, diamonds are a girls best friend and a special occasion deserves a special gift. Considering these and more pluses to this option, buying a lab-grown diamond as opposed to an organic one wont just add sparkle to your life, but satisfaction as well. Hatton garden is one of the important jewellery hub and a popular tourist destination in London. Pay a visit to one of the many hatton garden jewellery shops and check them out yourself.