4 Cat Eye Glasses For Old Bollywood Style Looks

Cat Eye Glasses

There is a reason why “Old Is Gold” and why we keep hopping on the train that goes back in time. No matter how much we love Sonam Kapoor’s new -age styles, there is something about Madhubala that just makes our jaw drop right to the floor!

Picture yourself in an old Bollywood film set, you’re wearing the finest silk scarf, the soft linen of your sari flowing along the length of your body, you look to your side there’s a girl just like you, but she’s ahead in time, wearing boyfriend jeans and an oversized tee. You look over at each other, but it gets a little blurry; you both pick up your glasses in sync, tied over by a thread surpassing the years between you. But there’s something that you both have in common, your glasses and guess what kind they are – The Classic Cat Eye Glasses!

Yes! No matter what time you’re in, no matter what place, no matter what you’re wearing, cat eye glasses are just the right pick to make your life look like a movie straight out of the golden era. It’s not just a frame; it’s an experience!

Below are some of the cat eye glasses that you can choose from:

Madhubala’s Classic Chic

They said she’s not in ‘Beverly Hills’ because she’s busy bringing it in Bollywood; Madhubala’s simple yet chic style was one of a kind, and so are these Dolce and Gabbana frames. These cat eye glasses are enough to dramatize any outfit, but you still get to keep it simple with the delicate-looking metal frame. The lightweight frame and adjustable nose pads are easy on your face, and the subtle gold details add a blingy factor to any outfit.

Parveen Babi’s Sensual Bohemia

These cat eye glasses take inspiration from the beauty with an unconventional western look and with a touch of a dark bohemian spirit, Parveen Babi. She ruled the cinema of the 70s with her one-of-a-kind roles and boldness. This frame has Parveen’s bohemia along with her sophistication, and we all love a piece that can pull off double-duty! The gentle curves of the retro-inspired design are perfect to pair up with anything and everything.  It provides comfort, durability, and style in equal measure.

Rekha’s Bewitching Brown

Known as the ‘Madonna’ of Bollywood because of her constant reinvention of herself time after time, Rekha is a true style icon. This frame has her as its muse, the epitome of sensuality and class; it fits right into her persona.

The brown undertones and the overlined frame makes up for all the drama and sass with the most basic outfits. The integrated nose pads offer complete comfort, and the lightweight frame is wearable at all times of the day. Pair them with your favorite attire, and get ready to conquer the day!

                                                                 Sharmila’s Major Cat-Eye

Ending this countdown with none other than the queen of cat eye glasses – Sharmila Tagore!

There is nothing that a pair of cat eye glasses cannot fix, and of course, she had her eyeliner, but we have this frame. Much less effort and a throwback-meets-modern appeal. With the fire-like details on the frame and the edgy design, it is sure to turn heads wherever you walk by. Made from handmade acetate, they’re super light and always comfortable. Simple detailing keeps these frames looking evergreen, with slim arms and integrated nose pads for a sophisticated and understated finish.

You can find these stunning cat eye glasses online from reputable retailers like Titan Eyeplus. They offer transparent pricing and the best offers online, along with a dedicated team of customer service. So, bring out the classic diva in you and shop today!