A Step-By-Step Guide to Clear JEE Examination!

JEE Examination

JEE is the entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs). It is one of the toughest examinations in India. Every year, lakhs of students appear for JEE with dreams to study at these prestigious institutes. However, many are not able to get through this exam due to its difficulty level. Now, we’ll discuss some steps that will help you conduct a successful JEE preparation.

NOTE: JEE consists of two tests; the first is called ‘JEE Main’ and the second is called ‘Advanced’.

Step #01 Register for a coaching class near your place as soon as possible. Coaching will help you get accustomed to how an exam feels inside the examination hall when you are sitting in front of the computer. You will get to know about your strong points and weaknesses when you compete with your friends to get better marks.

Step #02 Practice as much as possible and try to solve questions that are not at your level just for practice purposes. Practice will give you confidence. And, an examination like this is one the most important things a person needs. Practicing and identifying your weak points is the key to success here. Apps like Extramarks JEE Prep App offer you a large pool of well curated content to aid your JEE preparation

Step #03 Get a good night’s sleep before an exam day; it will help you perform better under pressure situations and reduce stress levels too! Do yoga or meditate before as well.

Step #04 Eat a hearty breakfast, and it will provide you with enough energy and keep your mind alert for the entire day! Eating healthy foods gives your body energy and mental stamina to work better. Stay away from junk meals.

Step #05 Remain calm during exam time; focus on solving one question without getting distracted by others around you or any other external factors that may cause anxiety such as the noises, temperature, etc. Start with your strong points, and then tackle the hard ones at the end of the examination.

Step #06 Stay focused on your goal and keep the faith in yourself that you can achieve it! It may seem impossible at first, but gradually, things will start to get easier for you if you work towards it every day.

Step #07 Take a break after the exam is over. Shake your hands and feet or do something to release tension so that you can continue with other tasks if necessary! Don’t try to compare your paper with others. That will only make you anxious.


The bottom line is that to do well in the JEE; you need to have a great plan. You should invest some time into understanding the actual exam and then develop an effective strategy for tackling it. Whether this means reading books or taking courses (or both), studying by yourself or with others, memorizing formulas or not, it’s up to you. These approaches have been successfully followed by people who eventually made it through the exam with flying colors.