Wordle’s upgraded Wordlebot Recommends Starting Word

The New York Times has created a few upgrades to its Wordle assistant, WordleBot, including a new recommended starting word: SLATE.

Hitherto, it recommended CRANE, but now you might want to slate this latest one into your repertoire.

The NYT presented WordleBot in April as a “daily companion” to help analyze your Wordle play, and with WordleBot 2.0, the team has made some changes. One of the more significant changes is that the bot no longer limits its analysis to the subset of five-letter words known as Wordle solutions that is, it’s thinking more as a typical human player would.

Previously, the bot could have evaluated you severely for guessing a legit word that, for whatever reason, isn’t one of the potential Wordle solutions, which could feel unjust. Now, the bot has a dictionary of around 4,500 words that it thinks players might reasonably speculate. It assigns each of them the probability of being a solution, according to the NYT’s post about the updates.

As a result of the adjustments, the recommended starting word has changed to SLATE from CRANE on regular mode and to LEAST from DEALT in hard mode. That means, in theory, SLATE or LEAST are better starters if you’re playing off the top of your head rather than with a known list of possible solutions on hand. The NYT has also added some new stats like a rating for information gained from a confident guess.

The upgrades sound pretty handy, but unfortunately, WordleBot is only available to paying Times Games, News, or All Access subscribers. If you’re an active Wordle player, the new bot could be an enticing reason to sign up for one of those subscriptions.

Though if you’ve evolved attached to CRANE or DEALT, the NYT says that both are still excellent openers. About a quarter of WordleBot users started with CRANE today, so the bot influences people’s play.

If Wordle has evolved into a part of your routine and you believe you are truly good at the viral word-guessing game, the New York Times has launched an AI-based companion anointed the Wordle Bot. It can statistically verify whether you’re mistaken or right while also helping you hone your skills.

The Wordle Bot can aid you in taking your game to the next level by analyzing your scores of the games you’ve already played and explaining where you must improve it. This companion by the game’s owner has also given the best word to start Wordle with.

When you work through the statistics, you’ll learn more about your guesses and know how to employ the correct words at the right time. “WordleBot is a tool that will bring your completed Wordle and analyze it for you,” explains the New York Times.

“It will give you overall scores for chance and skill on a scale from 0 to 99 and notify you at each turn what, if anything, you could have done differently if decoding Wordles in as few steps as potential is your goal,” the publication added.

Wordle Bot

Wordle Bot is an online tool by the New York Times that takes your completed Wordle puzzles and analyzes them. After the evaluation, it will provide you with overall scores for luck and skill on a scale from 0 to 99. It also explains what, if anything, you could’ve done differently at each turn.

This Wordle companion also provides users with many different starting options for the game. It has also revealed the best opening word for Wordle. However, other players have different types of terms to start the game.

Some players even have random words that they believe will help them solve the puzzle. However, the Wordle Bot has analyzed the collection and detailed statistics back the best starting word provided by this companion.

Working on Wordle Bot

Wordle Bot already has the list of all 2,309 possible solutions that could be used in Wordle as the mystery word. The AI starts the game with the best opening word and eliminates all irrelevant guesses. It keeps using feasible solutions to reach the correct answer eventually.

The bot also calculates and reveals the player’s daily average while offering the best opening words. So when the New York Times bought Wordle, many users started wondering about the best word to start playing the game every day.

Finally, the Wordle Bot has settled the debate for once and for all with a straightforward mathematical question. The rest of its abilities are simply benefits for the regular players.

Using Wordle Bot

Before using this tool, you must ensure that you have already played Wordle at least once on the same device you will use. The bot uses the browser cookies to analyze your games and scores, so it should be enabled when you play Wordle. You can also upload the ss of the game for analysis.

After playing Wordle, head to this web page, and the WordleBot will start automatically. The online tool will then go through your last completed game and provide a brief analysis having statistics and scores about your performance.

It will also give you an average rating and the best opening words to play the upcoming games. However, this tool will never work between the contest or when you haven’t played Wordle yet.

You can also employ it to scrutinize your earlier puzzles by uploading its screenshot. This way, you’ll be able to hone your Wordle skills and become a better player in the word-guessing game.