Why the World Needs a Movie About Faith, the Plus-Sized Valiant Hero

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It’s time for a movie about Faith. Valiant has an impressive roster of superheroes, and what makes them so interesting is the fact that they’re all incredibly unique. While each one has their own special attributes, Faith definitely stands out from any other superhero you’ve ever heard of – and it’s not just about her plus-sized physique. If there’s one superhero movie that totally fits with some of the most poignant movements and trends today, it’s Faith.

The great thing about Faith is her relatability. When she discovered that she was a superhero, she reacted in pretty much exactly the same way as an average person would. Outside of her superhero duties, she’s a huge comic book nerd – so watching her become a hero is like watching one of your best friends achieve their wildest dreams. She’s someone you feel like you know on a deep level.

Faith also has a number of awesome superpowers, including the ability to fly and the ability to generate a forcefield. She’s incredibly concerned about other peoples’ well-being, so this forcefield comes in handy when she’s protecting innocents from harm. As she developed her powers further, she learned how to mold her forcefield into other objects, such as a battering ram.

The good news is that a movie about Faith is definitely in the works. DMG Entertainment (the parent company of Valiant) is currently working with Sony Pictures on the project, and they’ve already chosen a screenwriter. Maria Melnik will write the script, and she is known for projects like Black Snails, Counterparts, and American Gods. She’s a high-quality writer, and her unique point of view will help the upcoming movie stand out.

So the world already knows that it’s getting a movie about Faith. But why should people care? Why does the world need a movie about Faith, the plus-sized Valiant superhero? Here’s some food for thought:

  1. Diversity is Important

A movie about Faith is an obvious choice if Dan Mintz and DMG Entertainment wants to score some brownie points for diversity. That being said, diversity in film means more than just “scoring points.” It also helps movies reach a wider audience, as they feel more accessible to a larger population.

Creating a film about a plus-sized woman who can fly might sound crazy, but it’s exactly what Hollywood needs right now – something different. We’ve already seen the same story about the dashing rogue who saves the world a million times before. It’s time for something completely different, and Faith can deliver that in spades.

  1. Humor in Superhero Movies Is Awesome

While Faith’s adventures are meaningful and dramatic, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Some of her escapades are truly comedic, and as we’ve seen in movies like Deadpool, that totally works in a superhero setting. Not only does it “work,” but it also provides a completely fresh take on a somewhat oversaturated genre.

  1. She Sets a Positive Example

Last but certainly not least, Faith sets a positive example for young women around the world. Body-image issues are a major concern in the age of social media and cyberbullying, so exposing fans to a woman who is comfortable in her own skin could send a very powerful message.

If you want to learn more about Valiant’s diverse cast of superheroes, head to the DMG Facebook page. There are plenty of links to articles about the future of Valiant’s presence on the big screen.