Which is better, Marvel Comics or Marvel movies, and why?

Marvel Comics or Marvel movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to bloom, not only into the best franchise but into a Holywood dynamo.

But, one major question among viewers is how the Marvel movies compare to the comics.

Why do Marvel junkies feel at home with the MCU every time a new series is released?

The answer could lie in the comics.

An example could be in all avengers movies in order, this can be a way of telling stories done in comics. MCU has grown in quantity, the same way, one may be confused in fitting all movies together. It would be somehow hard to give a serialized try because some films take place in the real world while others seem to be worlds away.

Comics give a more detailed explanation of the story. They have the core thing. Though they may not be as flashy as movies, they have a touch of creativity.

Although these movies have been there for decades, any releases still maintain the original plot or tone, not forgetting the characters. Meaning, itís a consistent iuniverse.

Comis has indeed served as a foundation on which the Marvel universe was formed. They seem to have some truth in themselves.

Starting from Iron Man(2008), Marvel Studios have managed to remain at the top by using the characters from the comics.

Why is it that Marvel comics are better then Marvel movies?

 Though Marvel movies are good, their inspiration comes from the comic source material. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a massive inventory from the Marvel comics. And, it continues to expand with more releases that are mouth-watering to comic fans.

In fact, much of what is on the screens is based on comics. Though not everything is lifted from history, the release seems to retain such use of plots and characters. Definitely,there has been a change.

Generations of comic book fans have hit the top in pop culture. This has allowed fans who have never had a chance to connect comic pages panels to become acquainted with the Marvel database.

The comics have been a cornerstone over the Marvel movies decades. They have been an enhancement to the MCU.

How do I get into Marvel comics?

While Marvel comics are the best, getting into them is a bit complicated yet so thrilling.  The fact is, you will deal with thousands of characters; not forgetting the reboots. However, there is a simple way you can dodge into the best of the best Marvel comics.

You don’t have to read all the way from the first decade to know about Iron Man or spend a whole day learning what happened to Steve Rogers(Captain America). 

Here is how you get into Marvel comics.

To startup, you only need to search for a character you have in mind. You can make the process more manageable by what you have experienced in video games or any other platform.

The fact is that it is impossible to read every comic and you donít want to exaggerate. Even the so-called comic buffs have never hit the top. You only need to choose the best battles you are interested in, or you can prioritize your best characters and what you are concerned about them.

 First issues first. Marvel comics will always relaunch and reboot books. They do this at the point where it’s easy for fans to get on board. For instance, you would be much more concerned with a #1 Captain America; this would mean the comic has a good start where it becomes easy to understand.

 You would also be concerned with the date of publication. For instance, Steve Rogers is presented as a frozen man in World War11, but later, he proves to be an emotional man who finds his stability in assisting others. Meaning, some events took place afterwards to show how he breaks down to the act of being emotional. Having such dates can help.

 If you are not sure about a certain character, you can Google. Once you get your character, you can check for the fan-made lists that will guide you on what you need.

 Best Marvel comics

  If you are a new reader, you may wonder where to start from. You have over 75 years to catch up with.  If you are new to comics, you may have a taste of a few of the best three editors’ selections

 Captain America

 Captain America is one of the best superhero American comic books. The character was first seen in Captain America Comics#1. There are 5 Captain America in the Marvel comics and one best character is Steve Rogers, who participated in WW11 by portraying himself as an unmovable man. He fought for American ideals and proved to be one of the greatest heroes. Brought to this new age, he proved to have some emotions and assist others when need be. In this collection, you will also get him joining the Avengers. Indeed, you can enjoy the comic as it portrays the refining of frozenness to an emotional tussle for the new reader.

 Iron Man in comic powers

 Tony Stark(Iron Man) shows his high flying abilities. He made some of the best weapons for the Stark Industry. Unfortunately, fate befell him after consulted a weapons contract overseas from his enemies.

 He was later held as a prisoner and was to work on weapons for warlord Wong-Chu. But these tough events turned to be an inspiration to him. You cannot miss the return of Mandarin to toughen his magic and the Stark technology intellects.

 Hulk(Bruce Banner)

Hulk embodies the angriest and darkest aspect of Banner. The audiences could talk of the Planet Hulk where Banner is tricked by other heroes. The heros who seem not to trust him send him into an alien world.

He becomes an arena warrior from the tough forces and battles for freedom and later starts a revolution. This leaves the audience wondering about Hulkís next move bearing in mind the other heroes who seemed to be his enemies. This brings about a mix of fear and excitement as the battle in the New York ranges.

 You may also try checking out other comics such as Black Panther(2016), Thor, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Secret Wars 2, and Deadpool.