What Song Is This? – How SoundHound Can Identify Your Favorite Songs

What Song

Are you asking yourself, “What song is this?” And want to find out the answer as soon as possible? Fortunately, there are many different ways to find out, including using the NameThatSong subreddit on Reddit. Thousands of people use this service to identify songs based on a description, a clip, or humming. Like a giant detective agency, users post their questions and answers in a continual back and forth.

Google Assistant

There are plenty of different apps that allow you to ask Google Home or Alexa “What song is this?” To identify a song. These apps can identify songs by humming or singing, and some of them even have a digital assistant built in, too. If you can’t remember the song’s name, just ask the app to add it to your library. The next step is to learn the song’s lyrics.

Another great option for identifying songs is Google Now. This app is built into Android devices and recognizes songs upon your request. To use it, simply say “name this song,” and you will get an instant response. Google Assistant is also available on iOS devices. In addition to recognizing songs, Google Assistant can do household chores, schedule alarms, and more. You can try asking Google Assistant “What song is this?” Using the microphone icon on your iPhone or Android device.


The SoundHound app can identify songs from the audio, lyrics, or music of any song. The application can link to music services and can save tags to make song identification easier. You can also share the results with your social networks. For more information, visit SoundHound.com. Read on to learn how the app can identify your favorite songs! Here are some steps you can take to make this app work for you! 1.1. Install the SoundHound app on your mobile device.

The app is compatible with Apple Music and the latest versions of iTunes. This integration allows you to add identified songs to your Apple Music playlist. It requires an Apple Music account, but once you do, SoundHound will automatically create a playlist for you in Apple Music. It even allows you to control your Apple Music through voice commands, thanks to Siri. The app also works with Spotify, so you can enjoy your music without having to touch the screen.


The new Halo 4 game features an English language song, titled “The Beauty of Cortana.” Neil Davidge sings the track. It’s available on the Halo 4-Original Soundtrack Remixes album, and is the second-most-played song in the game. It’s a 5-minute track. If you want to hear it in its entirety, you’ll need to download it and listen to it on the Halo 4 Xbox One.

For example, you can tell Cortana to play a song based on your mood or activity. For this, you’ll need to subscribe to a music service such as Spotify. You can do this by signing up for a free 30-day trial or by signing in with a paid account. If you’d like to enjoy the Spotify music service, you’ll need a Premium account. But once you’ve signed up for the trial, it’s free to try.

YouTube comments

Do you hate being asked “What song is this?” On YouTube? You’re not alone! There are millions of people who share the same question every day. Unfortunately, you can’t escape haters on YouTube. While this can be annoying, true fans know that haters are part of the YouTube community. Almost every video has at least one hater comment. The funny thing is that these comment chains can grow rather long, so it’s worth battling them.

In addition to asking “What song is this?” And “What artist is that?” On YouTube, you can also make a video that contains a question-and-answer format. Asking “What song is this” in the comment box will prompt a response from the author of the video. This is especially useful if the commenter’s comments refer to an obscure song or artist. You can make the comment more fun by using creative wording.


When you are in the car, you’ve probably wondered: “What song is this?” You’re not alone. Millions of people have wondered this same thing. Shazam is an app that can identify almost any song. All you need to do is to install the app and point your phone at a speaker for about ten seconds. The app will try to match the song three times, so be patient. Note that the app doesn’t always work if the music is too loud or if the words or phrases are unique.

Shazam, a free music recognition app, is another option. After downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, simply play a song with the app and it will begin listening. Within a few seconds, the app will return the song’s name, the artist, album, and links for streaming and purchasing it. You can also start listening to a song without having to download it from the app. Shazam tends to identify songs quicker than other services.