Video Of Monkey Giving Head Massage To Cop In UP Is Going Viral

While we all have seen the efficiency of monkeys time and again, the newest stunt will leave you amazed. In a recent video going viral all over the Internet, a monkey can be seen giving a head massage to a cop.

Both are engrossed in their own jobs without disturbing each other and are in perfect harmony. The video was posted on Twitter by Additional Superintendent of UP Police Rahul Srivastava. The video was taken in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhi police statioN. While the cop was busy doing his work, monkey joined him on his chair and started giving him a head massage.

The cop without any hesitation is busy finishing his work while the monkey also without disturbing his work is enjoying giving him a massage.

The video soon went viral on Twitter and Netizens couldn’t stop reacting to it. While some predicted monkey was finding lice in the hair of cop, other’s had a good laugh. Some even appreciated the patience of the cop.