Types of Acting

Types of Acting

Acting has been one of the most popular forms of art for decades. Especially in the past few years, we have seen acting become popular among the youth.

With the widespread of OTT platforms in India, acting is become accessible to even those who want to start their career at a smaller stage. Now that we have talked about the growth of acting in India both as a hobby and career it becomes important to discuss the various types of acting forms that exist.

As one would expect, an actor performing in a biopic has to play a different type than someone performing in a comedy film. Let us now take a look at the different forms of acting.

  • Classical acting: As the name suggests, this form of acting goes back to the time when movies were not as popular as theater. Before the inception of talking pictures, actors used to perform their roles via gestures and actions on the stage. However, the rise of talking pictures gave birth to what we today know as classical acting.  This form of acting requires an actor to dive deep into the character by going through everything that is mentioned by the writers. Essentially, the actor has to bring the character to life through actions as well as dialogues.
  • Method acting: In this form of acting the actor has to follow a certain method by implementing different techniques. The core idea behind method acting techniques requires an actor to understand the character and relate it to their life instances. This helps an actor to interpret the character more accurately as he/she can think and feel like the character in real life. In simple words, an actor has to put himself in the shoes of the character emotionally which allows him to naturally act like the character he has to perform.
  • Spolin Method: The Spolin method is named after Viola Spolin, an acting coach who introduced the method in Chicago. Through this method Spolin aimed at making the actors familiar with spontaneous situations while performing at the stage and improvising their performances accordingly.
  • To do this, she came up with the idea of incorporating games and exercises through which the actors could learn how to react to spontaneous changes in a natural manner. In fact, the implementation of this method allowed interaction between the actors as well as the audience which made the audience connect with the character in a better manner.

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