Truth Revealed behind Kristin Cavallari and John Cutler Divorce

A few days back, it was reported that the impatient nature of Cavallari and the unmotivated lifestyle of Cutler caused their divorce. However, the reports from friends revealing the truth were very different. The divorce proceedings went messy and complicated after the announcement of their divorce. Rumors were created about the breakup, and everybody commented on the reason given by Cavallari and Cutler.

It was hard to believe for everyone on their reasons like laziness and impatience. It was reported a few days ago the reasons for the couple heading for divorce could be Cavallari’s “impatience” towards the “unmotivated” and “lazy” Cutler. After speaking to their close friends, it got confirmed that the truth was far from what they reported.

Cutler’s “rude” behavior towards Cavallari, their friends, fans, and family was the actual reason behind the divorce. It was also reported that Cavallari was ultimately left and felt alone with their three children after Cutler’s behavior.

 In late April, after returning from their vacation in the Bahamas, Stars of the reality show ‘Very Cavallari’ told about their shocking split shortly. It was revealed that for seeking the primary authority of their kids, Cutler filed the custody first.

A few days later, Cavallari claimed that the ex-NFL player refused to vacate their Nashville home, whose value was $4.2M. Multiple reports state that Cavallari was frustrated with Cutler’s unmotivated stance post, which did the rounds to his 12 year NFL career. However, close friends came out to quash the reports and reveal Cutler’s lousy attitude. 

One of the friends stated: “Jay was lazy, but Kristin never had an issue with it, and it wasn’t the problem at all.” Another added: “Cutler quickly shoo fans away or roll his eyes to their face when they’d ask for a photograph. Feel pity about the fans that required a selfie or want to just say hi in a restaurant.

Kristin always values the fans and knows the importance of her fans and is beyond grateful for them and values their support. Jay’s attitude would embarrass her and simply could not tolerate this for fans.”This is not the first time, but throughout his NFL career, Cutler’s lousy attitude has made it in the news. At the time of playing as a quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins, he was dogged and labeled as “jerk” by reporters.

In an interview, Champ Bailey, who was Cutler’s former Broncos teammate, commented on him being an “absolute jerk” who “in locker room rubbed a lot of guys as well as people.” Some teammates didn’t like him like maybe a backup quarterback. He commented that Guys really have nothing good to say about him. A guy said Cavallari “It was because of how he acted throughout their entire marriage and had a perception of him as an NFL player wasn’t a perception at all, that’s what caused it to end. ‘’Once a jerk, always a jerk.”

In 2013, Cavallari and Cutler got married. They met at a Chicago Bear pre-season game. After three years of their meeting, they decided to get married. They posted photos on Instagram as a couple of loved up and happy photos formerly of them. It earned them millions of fans.

As the years passed away, it all failed. With passing years a source revealed that Cavallari feels “isolated” and is “pushed” by Cutler. The source also told that Cutler was consistently in a “pathetic mood” and had a stance of “closed off.” Kristin was the executive producer of the reality show where the Cutler showed his pissed off mood and took off the microphones and stormed off. It was her kindness to not show his horrible behavior on Television and always deleted those horrifying moments. His expression was mostly low and wasn’t happy.

Such situations always increased complications in their married life and finally lead to a quit. The divorced couple is now fighting out their finances. Apart from this, there is also fighting for child custody in court. Cutler argued for primary care based on him being ” the primary caretaker of the parties like Minor child and available at home parent. “Cavallari was hit back and mentioned in legal papers that he wasn’t available as a father to their kids and played off guard.

She wanted primary physical custody of their three kids. She also needed child support and her husband to pay for their health insurance. Cavallari also claimed Cutler for punishing her by trying to block her from buying her own home in their divorce.

Kristin, as a mother of three, argued in court the documents that Cutler was trying to withhold money from Kristin in attempting to buy a new home while pushing to remain in their Nashville abode. Cavallari mentioned in legal papers that earlier Cutler never objected to purchasing a new own house. But, later, he opposed when he was clear to take divorce and end their marriage.

In March, the separation process began as the divorce was proved to be inevitable. One last time they tried to work out their marriage, but the attempt proved to be unsuccessful.