Top Romantic Films Based On Books

Romantic Films

Some of the top activities enjoyed by people around the world today include reading, watching movies, and playing gambling sites review games. If you enjoy all things romantic which include books or movies you’ll want to watch some romantic movies based on books, which are available on many various streaming sites. In this article, we will be giving you a list of some of the top romantic films that are based on books.

Can You Keep a Secret?

 Name of book- Can You Keep a Secret?

Author – Sophie Kinsella

This 2019 film is about a woman who like meilleurs jeux au casino games and ends up exposing all her vulnerabilities to her seat partner during a long journey. Imagine her surprise the next day when she gets into work and realizes he’s the owner of the company she works for…and he appears captivated by her, despite being told her most uncomfortable secrets.

Let It, Snow

Name of book – Let It, Snow

Author – John Green

This holiday-themed excellent cast rom-com is about a group of interrelated teenagers whose lives intersect in unexpected ways on Christmas Eve as a snowstorm descends on their little town.

Five Feet Apart

Name of book – Five Feet Apart

Author – Rachael Lippincott

Stella suffers from cystic fibrosis and ends up in the hospital with Will, another CF patient who is fighting a bacterial illness. The two get closer, but they can’t be more than five feet away physically not that the gap will keep them separated.

After We Collided

Name of book –  After We Collided

Author –  Anna Todd

This film is the follow-up to After which is also based on a book, and it chronicles a young couple named Tessa and Hardin as they encounter and fall in love in college, as well as the difficulties they endure in their love.

Chemical Hearts based

Name of book –  Our Chemical Hearts

Author – Krystal Sutherland

Henry is a hopeless romantic who aspires to be a writer who is outraged when his instructor demands him share the newspaper editor’s post with a new transfer student who is surly at first but gradually warms up to him, even though she appears to be harboring secrets.