Top 10 Time Travel Movies and TV Shows on Peacock

Time Travel Movies

Peacock is one of the most binge-worthy collections of TV series and movies readily available around the United States. This channel spreads its beautiful colorful feathers of entertainment and fun to its users. It provides unlimited streaming to its customers and provides a wholesome entertainment experience. 

Working with NBCUniversal studios, it has become one of the top platforms which provide original content. Millions of subscribers subscribe to it every day. 

Not just that, Peacock also provides International and historical content. People can stream news and sports on it without any hassle. What? Wait. There’s more? Yes, users that pay for this app can have unlimited access to almost everything. They can watch Premier League matches, period pieces, comedies, and stand-ups, share informative documentaries, and much more. 

Time Travel Movies and TV shows on Peacock are worth the Watch

Time Travel Movies and TV shows on Peacock have a lot of perks. It offers customers a 3-tier premium. The first one is free, but it is limited. The all-inclusive one is for $5 a month, but you will have to see some ads. 

But the most fantastic all-inclusive mega offer is only for $10 a month without ads and total excitement.

Moreover, Peacock is compatible with several devices such as Apple devices, Google devices, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and LG smart TVs. Another fantastic feature is that Peacock can be streamed simultaneously within 3 devices using a single account.

Parents can monitor their children by parental control service by adding a pin. What’s interesting is that PeacockPeacock offers the best time travel movies and shows to watch. 

But do not forget that peacock is only available in the US and if you belong to another region you can only access it with the help of a VPN. With a VPN viewers can access peacock from any part of the world. Here is the best VPN to watch peacock TV. 

Let’s find out what amazingly entertaining movies we can watch on this incredible platform:

Top 10 Time Travel Movies on Peacock

Time Traveller’s Wife

Number one in line is the Time Traveler’s Wife. Based on an exceptionally well-written novel by American author Audrey Niffenegger. 

The movie is an adaptation of an enchanting love story about a couple that stood the test of time. Henry suffers from a usual disease which leads him to time travel. Also, the movie focuses on the wife’s yearning for the love of his life. The movie is a perfect American of Sci-Fi and romance, a genetic order leading a path toward love and marriage. 

Henry suffered from the disorder of time travel at the age of 5, and his first encounter with Clare was in a library when Clare was only 20 and Henry was 28. He does not know where he is, when he vanishes and when he will come back. He has no control over his existence. 

However, Clare stands witness to all the visits Henry paid to her. She falls in love with every version of Henry’s age.

The loving wait that a wife dies for her husband, the stories she tells, and the dates they write to Remember the memories all encapsulate the viewer into an emotional roller coaster ride. 

The story takes another sensitive twist when Clare has six miscarriages because of Henry’s anomaly. Yet can give birth to a beautiful daughter named Alba. Misfortune hits the couple as Alba is also born with the same anomaly that Henry has been suffering all his life. 

Yet the good thing is she can control her time travel. However, Henry discovered that he would die when Alba was 5. The story ends on a note when Henry dies. However, the couple meets again when Clare is old and Henry is 43. 

The last scene gives the audience goosebumps as it ends when Clare is sitting and waiting for Henry in her old age as she always did.

Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

This extraordinary tale is an adaptation of Japanese Sci-Fi. It is a story of a young girl who time travels to give a message to her mother’s lover. Kazuko, the mother, innovates a time travel formula but is unfortunately caught up in an accident. 

On her quest to find her mother’s lost love, Akari, the brave daughter, finds Kazuo, the lover. He shares beautiful high school memories and tells how he inhaled the time travel formula and disappeared forever. 

During her journey, she meets Ryota, and they both fall in love. However, they are caught up in a difficult time’s fate and are sadly parted. Akari, time travels are released that she will lose Ryota forever in a bus crash. 

Though she wanted to save him, Kazuo erases her memory forever. All she’s left with is a feeling of emptiness in her heart. However, she is well aware that an empty spot in her heart had something valuable.

Back to the Future

A 1985 American Sci-Fi, Back to the Future, gives us a clear glimpse of human innovations and the inventions that are likely to happen. The movie revolves around the idea of controlling one’s destiny. 

Man can stand against all odds and betray time. The Future depends on the decisions we make in the present. Many failures meet an eccentric scientist who invents the time travel machine powered by plutonium. On their way into 1955, the group time travels and sees the epic marvels mankind will discover in the future years. 

Change in the lives of families and friends, struggling in the past, and the teenagers realize their past doings, decisions, and present conditions. Furthermore, many obstacles come their way, and the full-time travel into the Future is a topsy turvy ride. 

However, not only do they discover their future aspirations, but they also find out a more authentic version of themself that they hope to stick to in the Future.


A Spanish movie filled with twists and turns mirrors the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall when a boy named Nico accidentally dies in a car crash while witnessing a storm. 

The movie fast-forwards to 2014 when a couple with a young daughter comes to live at Nico’s house. They found the recorded video and Nico’s cassettes and started to play them. The family is hit by a similar storm and is caught up in a timelapse. 

The family uncovers hidden truths and witnesses that the husband is cheating on them. TheStory moves between the present reality and the Future. It also foreshadows the incidents of the past. However, It ends on a hopeful note when the wife files a case against the cheating husband and reports that Nico’s body is buried beneath the house.


It is a phenomenal movie about a group of astronauts who decide to travel near a wormhole. That is located alongside Saturn. Their goal is to find a new home for mankind since Earth has become unsuitable for the species. 

Twelve volunteers willingly visit a parallel galaxy to prove that the atmosphere is suitable for humans. Three of them show a positive response; however, time stops for them when Cooper, a former pilot from NASA, comes back. He sees that his 10-year-old daughter has now turned into an old woman.

The Adam’s Project:

This great movie unfolds a story of a young fighter pilot Adam who unfortunately crashes on modern 2022 Earth. There he finds his young former self as a 12-year-old kid. The story moves back and forth as Adam discovers human relationships along his journey. 

He somehow manages to traverse time and, with the help of his DNA, find his way back to his jet. He embarks on a journey to stop time travel and stabilize the timelines. He becomes successful by creating time zones that match both Future and present Adam’s realities.

Groundhog Day

The film was set in 1993. It encapsulates the theme of a time loop in which the main protagonist gets himself stuck in one spot in time and repeats his reality repeatedly. The groundhog day celebration becomes an Infinity that he lives by every day. This rom-com drama fantasy gives you a hilarious roller coaster ride. 

However, it is built on the theme that every day is a blessing and that you can fix your own mistakes and past doings.

12 Monkeys

In the wake of an unknown virus, civilization is predicted to be wiped entirely off; therefore, a criminal is asked to time travel into the past and find the root cause for generating the virus. 

However, going to the mid-’90s was not an easy task. Belonging to a lowly criminal background, the protagonist faces many consequences. Finding his way through a mental Asylum and making friends on the way, he questions as own reality and finds himself caught between a doomed past and a strange and peculiar future.

About Time

This light-hearted rom-com takes you on a journey of self-discovery within the limits of time. Tim finds out that his family is blessed with secret superpowers to travel across time. 

On his 21st birthday, he can also experience the same ability. He embraces the power to revisit one of the best moments of his life. Reminiscing the past, he witnesses memories and finds the love of his life, Mary. He realizes the truth behind every lived moment and cherishes every instance of his life.

Edge of Tomorrow

Starring Tom Cruise, Edge of Tomorrow is an epic tale that is a perfect mix of a doomed battlefield, alien invasions, thrilling actions, and love. The Hero is bitten by an alien infection and is struck in a time loop where he dies after every 24 hours. 

A massive alien invasion has struck the city of London, and during wartime atrocities, he finds Rita, who also experiences the same infection. Time and again, they live the same day and die every day. 

However, their repeated actions and monotonous time routine help them find their way out of their misery.