‘The Masked Singer’: No New Elimination

The Masked Singer

A slight change was introduced by Fox television, in the format of the popular reality TV show “The Masked Singer.”  Unlike every episode, this one did not have a new elimination for the week; instead, Fox came up with the idea of a “sing-along” spectacular.

More specifically, the episode of April 15 was hosted to revisit the past performances of our season 3 characters, and none of the disguised celebrities were unmasked. With lyrics bouncing on the screen, this created some fun for the viewers, and they saw the most memorable performances of the first 11 episodes of Season 3 — while contestants gave their all on the stage.

The special episode also highlighted a few of the hints that might solve who is under each mask. The sing-along special also featured all of the previously unmasked singers as they performed a distinctive goodbye melody of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” Until now, we have seen the revealed singers, including Lil Wayne, Drew Carey, Sarah Palin, Chaka Khan, Tony Hawk, Dionne Warwick, Tom Bergeron, Bella Thorne, JoJo Siwa, Rob Gronkowski, and Jordyn Woods.

The fans did not seem very excited about the change, and upon realizing that there will not be any new performances or reveals this week, they vent out their frustration on social media. One of the fans posted on Instagram: “If no one is getting unmasked tonight, then it’s pointless to watch. Yeah, I’ll see y’all next week”.

While we had to watch the old performances last light, the good news is The Masked Singer will resume its eliminations on April 22, along with the regular panelists Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong. Out of the seven celebrities left in this season: Turtle, Frog, Kitty, Banana, Rhino, Astronaut, and Night Angel; one of our favourite vocalists will go home after performing head to head with each other.

The season 3 finale shall be aired on May 27, and we would be lucky enough to watch new episodes every Wednesday night until then. So all the Masked Singer fans: Get through the sing-along episode this week, and start your guesses for the next unmasking as it’ll be non-stop fun from here on. 

Here are the clues from the contestants from this week:


Sing-along song: “Lean On Me,” by Bill Withers

New hint: “I love being a part of the show so much because it brings people together. The reason I chose this song is that it is all about being there for the ones you love, no matter what. And you can anytime lean on me, but not too hard! I don’t want to get squished!”


Sing-along song: “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” by Celine Dion

New hint: “I was really excited by this next song by one of my favorite artists, Celine Dion. But on the show day, I turned into a huge scaredy-cat, because vocally it’s a challenging song. I got afraid of what if I couldn’t pull it off, but then I recalled the courage of the kitty & loved singing every single second of it.”


Sing-a-long song: “There is Nothing Holding Me Back,” song by Shawn Mendes

New hint: “I get it, turtles are slow, but after starting this season with two ballads, I chose this next song to pick up the pace and show that I have a fun, snappy side. It was tough learning the choreography, but I had a blast.”


Sing-a-long song: “Jump,” song by Kriss Kross

New hint: “I am my own worst critic when it comes to my performances. Practicing all day and night to make sure I give them all an A-plus. But this track I’ve been singing since I was a tadpole. So I had it all locked down. And how could I not kill this rap? I’m a frog & it’s called ‘Jump.'”

Night Angel

Sing-a-long song: “Shout,” song by the Isley Brothers

New hint: “Even though my eyes are wide open on this costume, I can barely see a thing. In fact, it’s so hard to practice at home I wear a ski mask, and I even turn off all the lights and whatever it takes.”


Sing-along song: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” by singer Stevie Wonder

New hint: “Hi, everyone, we’ve come full orbit, and it is time for me again. My next performance meant so much because I am friends with the artist himself, no wonder I was floating on air out there. I know that the gravity puns are getting old, but I fall for them every single time.”


Sing-along song: “Tracks of My Tears,” by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

New hint: “Being a massive rhino with a massive head which, by the way, has given me some massive headaches, may give you the impression of a tough rhino without a gentle side. So I picked this next ballad to show my heart and soul.”