The Biggest Dating Trends of 2022


Everything in this world has current and outdated trends, even dating. Following these trends in any field has never been required. However, anyway, the majority prefers to stay trendy or at least be aware of tendencies. And this is inevitable since this knowledge allows for understanding the changes that inevitably occur in the world and staying on the same wavelength with society.

So, to understand dating trends today means to have a possibility to increase your chances of going on cool dates and meeting interesting people.

The main thing you should know about dating in 2022 is that the most popular way to have a date is to meet online. In fact, this tendency is not specific to 2022, but it remains as relevant as in previous years. The coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of life spheres switch to the online mode of existence, and dating has not become an exception. Therefore, when it comes to the dating trends in 2022, it would be more correct to talk about trends in offline and online dating.

The list of the most prominent dating trends includes the following positions:

·         CommuniDating

·         Dry Dating

·         HesiDating

·         Gambiting

·         Slow Dating


How to get to know someone without communication? That is why CommuniDating is a tendency today. It is aimed at the use of apps, which assure comfortable conditions for communication and allow organizing real-life meetings.

Moreover, the need to communicate is relevant not only for those who are looking for romantic relationships. It is just the component of the basic desire to socialize. So, date apps and their analogs are used for searching for friends as well.

Dry Dating

It is not talked about that often, but during the global quarantine, a large number of people tried to cope with stress with the help of alcohol. So, today, they try to break the habit of passing down the problem and forget about it such as they did before covid restrictions.

So, the concept of the dry date is becoming more and more popular inasmuch as most people prefer a cup of coffee to a glass of wine. The tendency influences the selection of the meeting place as well.   


This situation associated with the pandemic has shown people how difficult is to plan life because the best characteristic to describe life is unpredictable.

Considering the uncertainty of the life in recent years, hesitation has become common in the dating sphere as well. The trend of HesiDating means that people who want to date are not sure about the desired result. For example, there are people not ready to promise a serious relationship to a partner and those who ask to determine the first meeting as a friendly appointment rather than a date.  


Gambiting in dating means preparation for the date. The trend has become popular because people do not want to waste their time. In today’s fast-paced life, a lot of people prefer organized meetings even if it concerns dating.

Moreover, people feel more confident and calmer when they know what to expect from the upcoming date. Of course, you cannot plan everything, but you can think about what to wear and where to go.

Slow Dating

Slow dating is a tendency of online dating, which allows people to get to know each other online without haste to meet in real life. Thus, people can establish a connection with each other through messages or video calls saving a lot of time. If they feel that they are ready to see each other live, they make an appointment.