Ikea’s Swedish House Mafia: Record player on sale

Ikea’s record player made in collaboration with music supergroup Swedish House Mafia is set to go on sale in October.

The all-black device sports an unsurprisingly minimalistic look and will cost you $159.99 once it hits Ikea’s maze-like stores.

The record player is part of Ikea’s overarching Obegrnsad (the Swedish word for “unlimited”) collection, which includes an equally-as-modern armchair, desk, LED work lamp, record stand, laptop stand, and shelving units, among other items.

Ikea first announced the record player in June, marking the furniture maker’s second attempt at creating and selling a record player. The record player it was working on in 2018 never went on sale, but it looks like we have a better shot of getting our hands on the device this time.

Ikea hasn’t revealed too many technical details about the record player, other than that USB-C powers it, is compatible with the Eneby Bluetooth speaker (albeit through a wired connection) and comes with a replaceable needle and cartridge. Unfortunately, the retailer doesn’t specify an exact date for when the player goes on sale either, but we’ll update this article if we find out.

Swedish House Mafia is a Swedish house supergroup of music consisting of Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso. The group was officially created in late 2008. It was placed at number ten on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Poll 2011 and has been named “the faces of mainstream progressive house music” while being applauded for “setting the fashion for the EDM boom of the early 2010s, higher than any other act in modern dance music”. In 2012, they were ranked number twelve on the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll. However, the trio is best known for their biggest hit single, “Don’t You Worry Child.”

On 24 June 2012, the group reported they would split up. Their final execution was at Ultra Miami on 24 March 2013. For the next five years, Angello performed solo while Axwell and Ingrosso performed as a duo, Axwell & Ingrosso. On 25 March 2018, the pack reunited with a great closing set at the 20th anniversary of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida. The group unleashed their debut studio album, Paradise Again, on 15 April 2022 via their new label, Republic.

Before Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso performed as solo DJs in the late 1990s and earlier 2000s. Angello and Ingrosso understood each other as children in Stockholm and often collaborated under various aliases in their early careers. However, collaborations with Axwell came later in the decade as the pair discovered the Swedish DJ during a chance meeting.

After their One Last Tour ended, it was confirmed that the group would create a second documentary, Leave the World Behind, released in select theatres during spring 2014. It officially premiered at the SXSW film festival on 27 March. “Leave the World Behind” was made open for rental and purchase on iTunes and released on Blu-ray and DVD on 2 September 2014.

Towards the mid-2000s, Axwell, Angello, and Ingrosso often played shows together, with fellow Swedish DJ Eric Prydz joining them for some shows. Swedish House Mafia reached about after friends and fans tagged the four as they played more and more shows together. The four were officially directed as “Swedish House Mafia” in March 2007 at the Winter Music Conference.

Eventually, the group officially embraced the name in late 2008. Prydz determined not to join the group, expressing himself as a “control freak” in the studio who can’t collaborate, even with close friends. Prydz announced he would be exiting the group soon after the collective officially formed in November 2008