”Survivor: Winners at War” Season Finale Emotional Moments

Survivor : Winners at War

It will be not wrong to mention that the season finale of the “Survivor: Winners at War” was indeed an emotional roller coaster. The episode of three hours was worth watching everyone to fight to win the $2 million prize and great glory of victory. Through our TV screens also their tears, the breakdown can be felt quickly. After all, there can be only one winner who won two times.

The connection between players was a source of contention and paranoia outside the game. The feeling for each other between players was on the next level by the finale season’s time. However, new allies were also made at that time. Great sacrifices and exhaustion caused mentally as well as physically made the episode more exciting and reason to binge on. 

Some of the most emotional moments of the season finale aired on Wednesday are Natalie returning to the game, Tyson’s reflection on the survivor’s journey, Rob crying over Amber’s strength, Parvati breakdown over returning to the game and many more.

Natalie was one of the favorites to win the game as she got three advantages in the game contest; however, her reaction to finishing first was unexpected. The season finale episode was kicked off to get back those who were on the verge of extinction. It caused intense competition among the players. She was the part of the final six as she was the first person voted out after 33 days. Natalie collapsed in tears to the ground as everyone circled her with encouragement and praised her.

As soon as the Natalie was revealed of reentering the game, Tyson tears roll down, retrospection his journey and importance of the game to him. He shared his feeling for the first time playing the game and felt it as the only task built for him in this whole world. Adding mentioned about the weird talents, Tyson encompassed as a person.

He remembered his kids and the trauma he went through while accomplishing the strange tasks given to him. Tyson felt he came there and played from the bottom with great struggle. He continued saying being a dad for him was a suitable replacement for the survivor for him.

Rob and Amber also lost control over their feeling and broke down over their Survivor journey. Amber mentioned her insecurities and told her she doesn’t come there for her but for only one person and started crying, pointing towards her husband. Amber added and said about the respect her husband holds for this game. She never felt she will be in the finale list, and nobody else thought that she was the deserved contestants. The only reason people voted her was the public hated her husband more than her.

At that very moment, tears started falling down from Rob’s eyes, also saying they are there to show their kids the power of not quitting and playing till the end. And making them believe their mother is the toughest woman in the world fighting back all the challenges and tasks bravely. Rob thanked everybody for the 188 days spent with everybody with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation.

Parvati started saying it was an extra big deal for her when she joined this season of Survivors as she left behind her baby girl. She compared both scenarios, one when she was at home with her cute little baby living happily safely and others when she is the contestant of this game doing weird life-threatening tasks. She described the game to be a vicious game and includes the hurting of people.

Ethan was there in-game after battling and beating cancer. He was already a survivor in a life journey. Ethan continued saying this show helped him raise funds for Cancer Research Centers and patients. He was thankful for this show and honored to be a part of this show. It filled his life with adventure, bravery, and strength.

Sarah pointed out on the issue of the gender-biased council she added it made her realize that if a woman lies or cheats in this game, then she is considered to be fake and phony. On the other hand, if a man does it, then it’s good gameplay.

Adding to this, a shocking revelation was made by Jeff admitting that he was gender bias hosting this show for years. He said he would retrospect the comments he passed based on gender biases, and the attitude dealing with a girl and a boy was altogether different. He expressed the difference between the equation with a boy and a girl. He was grateful to express it fully and happy to investigate.

Ben was affected by Sarah’s speech and gave her a vote for her survival in tribal council and her effort to build her resume. He faced the camera and added that he will leave the show with his head held high and with actual real friends who worth more than money to him. After this, Sarah broke down in tears and added that in this show were relations are ruined; they are the ones to totally trust each other and build a strong relationship bond. And said Ben will be the last person she wants to hurt ever.

Natalie won the immunity in the next competition and Ben was voted out. She chose to be in the final three with Michele and forced Sarah to fight with Tony for the lost spot in that fire-making competition.

Tony broke into tears in Sarah’s arm and confronted she won and apologize to which Sarah reacted and explained that she loves him, and he doesn’t owe any sorry for anything. She added if someone needs to be out of this game, then it’s her. If someone needs to be there in the game, then it is Tony. And he is the one who he wants to be with after the game is over. Tony continued sobbing and listening to all this, and this moment filled the audience and the judges with emotions.