Scary Documentaries On Netflix

1. Hangar 1: The UFO Files

The series is presented through narration and interviews accompanied by engaging intercut footage. In addition, there are numerous beautifully shot recreations of UFO sightings within each episode that increase the quality of the theories being told.

2. Myths & Monsters

The show looks at some of the oldest paranormal stories and considers how they could be real. They are shown through a combination of narration and interviews paired with animation of the stories. Myths & Monsters ideally provides a calming yet chilling watch for viewers.

3. Dark Tourist

Farrier does a fantastic job of encountering supernatural happenings such as exorcisms, haunted forests, vampires, and much more in the series. Dark Tourist is an excellent option for anyone who wants to learn more about the supernatural side of various cultures worldwide.

4. John Was Trying To Contact Aliens

The film tells a heartwarming story through vintage and psychedelic footage. Although it does ultimately veer away from its supernatural aspect, this film will bring audiences back down to earth in a thought-provoking way.

5. Unsolved Mysteries

The show consists of interviews that make it easy for audiences to personally connect with the chilling stories. Though this show does not have a host, unlike the previous installments, some reenactments are involved in keeping viewers engaged.

6. Until Dawn

This is a show where the contestants on-screen will likely get more scared than the audience. It consists of primary gags that the participants play on each other to spook each other until Dawn is hilariously entertaining and a good choice for skeptics.

7. Haunted

Haunted provides many stories from episode to episode and currently has three seasons. This series features intimate retellings of true, terrifying tales told by those to whom the events happened. The episodes are dramatically reenacted as they are narrated.

8. Belief: The Possession Of Janet Moses

The story is about a family in New Zealand, where particular cultures found themselves dealing with what they believed was a demonic possession of their family. Unfortunately, the film is a slow burn that will leave audiences wanting more after every scene.

9. Alien Worlds

The show is driven by a compelling narration that guides audiences through amazingly imaginative worlds. It is a more than ideal watch for fantasy enjoyers and perhaps the perfect amalgamation of science-fiction and science-non-fiction.

10. Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel

The show looks at the astonishing disappearance of Elisa Lam and the apparent paranormal elements of the story. It is told mainly through interviews about many strange happenings revolving around the hotel, which will leave you frightened.

11. Surviving Death

It is based on the book Surviving Death with a high production value. Every episode covers spiritual and emotional experiences that people worldwide have had with death. It merges inexplicable phenomena with what the human species can scientifically and rationally comprehend.

Wanna get scared or simply want to learn more about supernatural forces?