‘RHOC’ Star Kara Keough Bosworth lost Newborn son

After losing her newborn son, Kara Keough Bosworth expresses her regret and waves of grief. She spent a few days with her son named McCoy Casey Bosworth. The baby boy was welcomed on April 6 by the ‘Real Housewives of Orange Country’ Star and her husband, Kyle Bosworth.

The baby died on April 12 after diagnosed by shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord. The compressed umbilical cord leads to brain damage, and shoulder dystocia is a severe problem where one or both shoulders get stuck inside the pelvis of the mother during delivery. It is an unpredictable obstetric emergency, and the condition is rare. It occurs in just .2 to 3% of pregnancies.

It is a terrifying factor for a newborn baby, but doctors believe it can be effectively treated if taken care of under experienced doctors. Bosworth showed their grief in front of Good Morning America on Monday, they shared the short-lived moments they spent with McCoy. Telling about the songs they sing for him, talks she did when he was in the womb and introducing him to his elder sister, who is 4year old, named Decker. She was delighted to tell the boy name to all the hospital staff and singing the song ‘The little piggy’ playing with his fingers and caressing him.

Some tasks were left undone for that little newborn baby, Kara Keough added like changing diapers and feeling the warmth of the baby’s body. Bosworth admitted the fear and haunted feelings she had for the baby after 5 weeks when she went for an ultrasound before baby birth and was no surprise at McCoy’s size. She thought about how to hide an 11-pound baby with a 7-inch shoulder and still gave a chance to deliver that baby so that she doesn’t hold any regrets of giving up.

McCoy weighed 11 pounds and 4 ounces when he was born at home in Jacksonville, Florida. It was comparatively safer to give birth to a baby at home instead of heading to hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic. After the delivery complications, by ambulance, McCoy was taken to hospital. He was severe, and his heart started beating 45 minutes of chest compressions. It felt like a period of eternity for Keough. After such complications, McCoy fought against conditions and survived, which was a miracle.

Doctors, although warned Bosworth about McCoy survival as he had suppressed brain activities and he may not survive. Bosworth mentioned that it was a time for happiness with sadness enveloped with it as a newborn baby survived after fighting with all complications but was still in a critical situation. 

An Instagram post shared by Bosworth on April 15, mentioned about heartbreaking news of the sad demise of their newborn baby boy McCoy. They said McCoy will live forever in their heart and her sister’s heart. They donated his organs and referred them to be the life-saving gifts for babies needing them. She also mentioned the weight, size, and strength of her baby in the post on Instagram. She also described the conditions baby was suffering from and grief they felt.

On May6, Bosworth posted an emotional tribute saying, “you would have been 1 month old today.” Also mentioned about the gearing baby acne, sleepiness nights to take care of him and figuring out his involuntary blinking of eyes trying to focus. Adding the joy of seeing and adoring the little feet and beautiful sparkling face. Adding to the grief of her son, Bosworth lost her father, Matt Keough, a few weeks later. He mentioned in a post as “grandpa duty in heaven.”

The loss is specific and full time which is a hellish type of grief. It is very different losing a baby in between pregnancy and losing him after giving birth after such a critical situation. She mentioned she is still bleeding, and milk is again coming from the breast that reminds of the McCoy presence. They work as physical reminders.

On April 21, Bosworth started a fundraiser to encourage equity of birth among all races. This step is to support newborn kids who are under intensive care or families who lost their newborn baby. They also attend a parent group to suppress their pain and joined weekly meetings on zoom with a counselor. Relatives and loved ones had gifted wind chimes in remembrance of McCoy. The nights they passed were excruciating and felt like a big wind storm. Neighbors also supported them.

When McCoy was born, they planted trees in the garden and hung blue hearts to honor him. Bosworth said they genuinely admire these people who supported them physically, mentally, and emotionally; otherwise, the situation would have been very tough for them. All she and his husband can do is remember her son’s brief life, cherish it, and honor his memory.

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