Popular Casino Music


Music and casino go way back. And, it is tempting to think both are made for each other. 

Think of those moments when your favorite song comes on while enjoying a slot game. In essence, you are literally transported into the zone.

Playing casino games accompanied by music can create the perfect ambience. Thankfully there are a ton of casino-themed songs to choose from – from high tempo, fast beat (if you need energetic, pulsating atmosphere) to slow, mellowed beat for more laid back soothing air.

Whether you play online or not, one thing everyone can agree on is that great music makes for an immersive experience. No wonder, Gun N’ Roses is one of the most popular slot games on Unibet.

So, wondering what the most popular casino music is? Here is a run-through of the most popular casino music.

“Let Lady Luck Smile On You” – Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was a permanent figure around the Vegas casino scene in the 50s and 60s – the golden era of the casino. And it is quite fitting for him to have played the maverick gambler, Nathan Detroit, in the movie “Guys and Dolls.”

In the “Let Lady Luck Smile On You” the indefatigable vocalist is seen pleading with the goddess of good fortune to show him a favor. 

“Casino Boogie” – The Rolling Stones

“Casino Boogie” by The Rolling Stones is undoubtedly one of the hits casino songs back from the 70s. Legend has it that the lyrics of the songs were composed of randomly picking from a batch of words on Keith Richards’ stately home in France.

Whet your appetite for an immersive round of gambling while these songs booms.

“The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers 

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em” remember those classic lyrics?

Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” is full of life lessons that apply both to the gambler and in everyday life.

Even if you are not a country music aficionado, this Kenny Rogers’ song is undoubtedly full of wisdom you can apply in your game. 

The song was released in 1972 and was set on a train when Kenny met a random stranger that happens to be a gambler.

“Aces of Spades” – Motorhead

Headbanging, heavy metal, raw pulsating beats. You name it – this song has it. “Aces of Spades” was released back in 1980 by the heavy metal band, Motorhead.

If you need some jarringly energetic song at the background while you spin the wheels, this music from the Motorhead is a must.

“Deuces Are Wild” – Aerosmith

Released in 1994, this song by Aerosmith is full of poker innuendos. Take for instance, in one of the lines, you’d hear: “I love you ’cause your deuces are wild, girl, like a double shot of lovin’ so fine.” That’s a direct reference to the deuces in poker. As you know, deuces are whatever you want them to be or need them to be.

So, imagine feeling your imagination with words that elicits memorable events of poker games – Glorious. Glorious.

“Waking Up In Vegas” – Katy Perry

Vegas the city of debauchery, fornication, gambling and unending partying… yeah, imagine walking in such city.

That’s precisely the evocative feeling of liberation Katy Perry’s “Waking Up In Vegas” conjures. The song tells the story of a young couple trying to piece together what happened the night before.

Did they in the swirling wind of the moment got married? Oh, did they blackout from all the alcohol and partying? One can’t deny, even if the lyrics are poignant the truth in the story.

And, interestingly, that’s exactly how things could go down on the casino table – like a foggy blur, things could go mayhem, and you’d be left to wonder, ‘what happened?’