Odd Things: Might Help Improve Your Life In Small Ways


At times, we like buying things that are a bit out of the league, or they are there to look cute, or we want them because they make our tasks more accessible and more comfortable. So, let’s check some of them available on Amazon. And, for your information, the prices are also too affordable. But, that’s ok to take your time to go through them.

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A Patrick AirPods case will keep the valuable tech safe, even if you perpetually bury them at the base of your bag.A pair of pasta pot holders can cook your real farfalle without firing your hands (mainly because that would indicate you’d have to wait to eat). If one of these goes lacking, maybe check that your guests didn’t attempt to eat it.A reversible, sequined pillow for you to not only add some extremely sophisticated decor to your living room but always cherish the importance of CPR. “Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive. Stayin’ alive.”A pair of leaf scoops helps make your neighbours go ~green~ with envy as you capture your entire lawn in half the expected time. But don’t let the control go to your head.A set of cat butt magnets proves you have perfect taste, especially when you see how strong they are. Oblivion is falling off the refrigerator on their watch.A garlic twist crusher is an inspiring reminder always to face your fears. Gracula managed to avoid garlic at all costs — now the device cuts, dices and minces it like an absolute pro. A beautiful story.A corgi butt mousepad makes the job feel a little less ~ruff~ by giving plush carpal tunnel prevention. Make nonstop butt jokes. Don’t worry; they’ll love it.A cable protector, it’s here. So now your flatmate will never “accidentally” use your charger repeatedly — and you won’t need to deal with fraying cables, which is undoubtedly a blessing. Luckily, these characters can’t read, so your documents will stay private.A book named The RBG Workout written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s trainer. For anyone mocking at following an 86-year-old woman’s exercise routine…how about you try planking at about 90 and get back to us.A Big Foot air freshener is for a true calling. It makes your car smell good. The thing is positive and…is pine-scented.An ice cream door stopper keeps the office open and reasonably work up an appetite. If you have to shut your door and hold an impromptu session at your desk, this’ll follow.A razor holder declutters your bathroom counter but mainly have someone to talk to while shaving. He is the perfect gentleman — he keeps your razor clean and never talks back.A Squatty Potty toilet spray understand when you’ve got to go you have got to go, and seldom the fear of leaving…evidence…is inarguable ~real~. You and your new number two can drive off into the sunset scent-free while the world holds it in.A Freeman body mask collection is for those Friday nights when you should always cover your entire body in masks. If people are terrified when they walk in on you, tell them it’s called self-care.A wine stain–preventing balm is what you can drink your merlot without it dropping a mark. If the display of you putting this on the lips and teeth rubs people the wrong way, wait till their mouth is purplish.A pair of Mickey Mouse oven gloves makes it enjoyable. The *magic* in cooking — aka not burning the heck out of your hands. It is right before eating all your cookies at once.A zombie face mask is for those who desire to bring ~life~ back to their skin. So it gets into it to deeply moisturize dry skin. The tired, clear breakouts, tighten pores, minimize fine lines, dull complexions all over is now nowhere to be seen.A snuggly cocoon gives you a feel perfectly swaddled while watching SVU all weekend until it’s suddenly Monday.An egg separator will ensure breakfast always runs swimmingly. I don’t see anything fishy about letting my yolk touch the lips of goldfish.A Darth Vader shower head that reveals the Sith Lord can improve your weak water pressure — his (substantial) tears are our gain. I assume we can all accept that people who usually bathe have chosen the dark side.A tub of Elizavecca carbonated clay masks can make skincare a lot more entertaining. It gives you obvious selfie potential. It helps significantly for minimizing blackheads, exfoliating, and removing excess oil! And, you know, bubbles.A steam eye mask has a soothing lavender scent to *maybe* alarm your partner when they roll over, but mainly treat tired eyes and minimize stress. ONE of you will feel relaxed — and have a new cuddle buddy.A friendly colander finally set the record straight about monsters. Spaghetti is my favourite thing to strain. They’re incredibly well-mannered and particularly helpful in the kitchen. Most importantly, you’re probably now inspired to cook for once.A tongue scraper may become the oddest-looking part of your routine. But it is here to bring results. It scrapes any ~scraps~ off your tongue to remove bacteria and odored breath… don’t stare at your sink.A set of table leg protectors is here making your roommate furious, but you know what, they don’t understand art. So instead, they should thank you for preventing scratches on your floor — now you’ll get your security deposit back.A folding umbrella hat is turning heads in all the best ways. Nothing is more satisfying than strolling through the rain without the need to hold your umbrella.A sponge holder, as on peak of her gorgeous voice, she’ll hold your sponge free from bacteria, accumulate excess water in her tub, and overall extend the life of your sponge.A Tony Moly hair nutrition pack is genuinely nothing more glamorous than washing your hair with condiments. Ok, it’s not mayonnaise, but it does utilize shea butter and macadamia seed oil to overcome frizz and loss to make your locks healthier and shiny.A pizza nightlight will fill your dreams with a slice of cheesy heaven to aid you to see when moving to the bathroom at 3 a.m. Then, hopefully, you can revert to carb paradise when you go back to bed.A grip strip will bring you straight to the future. You don’t want glue or magnets to hold your phone, keys, glasses, whatever benefit where you require them. People may consider aliens infiltrated your vehicle.An egg cup holder for showing off breakfasts so darn delicious; they deserve to be knighted. His quest is to hold your hard-boiled egg perfectly in place, but he won’t oppose pictures.A set of wine condoms will add a little excitement to typical nights in. Sure, they assist in extending the life of already-opened bottles of wine, but the real lesson is you should forever use protection when it comes to vino. Wine gone awry is a tragedy that must be evaded at all costs.