New solo mixtape ‘D-2’ released by BTS suga as Agust D

For South Korean star Min Yoon-gi many things have changed in the Last four years. To millions of fans of Min Yoon-gi, he is famous as the idol Suga of K-pop group BTS and popular as the artist Agust D to followers of his rap career.

BTS was making achievements and gaining superstardom in 2016. In the K-pop universe, it was an upstart septet. Releasing the record-breaking projects was just a beginning for which they became popular later.

In the same year, Agust D, the first solo mixtape of Min, was released. It included a straight and new set of tracks, surprisingly. It helps him saw mental health demons and choosing rap bravado over raw hip-hop beats.

He’s at it again after four years and released his super popular, exciting second solo mixtape known as D-2 on May 22. It was out after a week of cryptic teasers, which were shared over social media.

Presently, all worldwide performers and the K-pop industry are included in the strange and tough times around the globe. BTS was expected to reap the awards of Map of the Soul: 7 released in February and assumed celebrating the victory around the world. 

MetLife Stadium in New Jersey would have marked this weekend for their performances. On the contrary, Suga, with his six group mates, is stuck together in one place. It can be considered as the longest stretch of their career that, too, an inconsistent manner.

 D-2 discussed with reporters about the inspirations and complex themes of his recent fresh work released. His work was excellent from the critical eye of “Strange,” assisted by RM to the reflective lyrics of “Moonlight.”

His answers proved he is a kind of artist who has been conscious of his public stage appearance and habit of over-explain himself and not allows the work to talk for him. He is a humble, easy-going star and has plenty to convey to anyone who has the time to listen carefully.

Independently, J-Hope and RM have also given their statements, and He’s not the alone member to release a solo project of BTS. But when he is alone, he adopts an altered attitude. He mentioned his goal to be making more music he wanted to make, instead of fixing on trying something new. On social media, the project D-2 was trending among fans before the release. 

MIN’s life was the same. The work ways and day-to-day patterns were significant of the same kind. However, from a musician’s perspective, the position in the industry of music was changed. The outcome was pretty decent with BTS albums and with some external works. Work made him more mature compared to 2016 in a personal aspect.

Korean traditions were included in songs like “Daechwita.” The musical form and lyrics both used “Kkwaenggwari” percussion and “Pansori” storytelling. It was essential to continue using Korean musical influences in the music as the theme of Daechwita matched naturally with the music played during the King’s ceremonial walk. All tracks and music videos used these traditions as an essential part.

This year he collaborated for his own project with a massive range of artists like the album of Halsey, making a new single with IU and now coming invoices such as Kim Jong-wan, MAX, RM, and NiiHWa.

He is grateful for all the good things he said about the music by everyone, especially Kim Jong-wan. “What’s good is good” is his work philosophy with each individual’s standards.

The difference between Agust D, the solo rapper, and Suga the BTS member cannot be openly expressed, and a more raw side cannot be shown. However, both sing of dreams and hope is the point of similarity.

In the same songs, mixtape appeared with all Trap, hip-hop, pop, rock, and R&B. This style mixing is a BTS signature and was present MIN first mixtape also. Across the global pop landscape, it became routine.

As a producer, he tried to innovate something new on this mixtape. It was more than the music he wanted to make is not too picky on genre and crossovers between them. He believed in the originality and rawness of the music.

The experience creating this project and management done with the unexpected changes of this spring is worth to know for listeners about this project. It’s good to know when things go in an unintended direction; it is beautiful, as no one can always start over again. One should be composed, take the next-best option if first is not working and move forward.