Mr. Lucky Ranks 2nd In List Of Top Gambling Movies

DivereAdults gambling shoot

Today, the internet has brought the casino experience to your fingertips. You can get the first-hand excitement of gambling with many casino games like poker, roulette, or blackjack, and more. They are more popular nowadays than ever, but the truth is, it’s the Hollywood movies that first captured the glitz, glamour, and thrilling essence of the casino world.

Hollywood gave you a chance to peek into the mesmerising world of gambling. While some movies displayed how good guys always win, like in the James Bond movie – Casino Royale (2006), others depicted how even if the charismatic protagonist loses, he wins his freedom, or a hot girl, or gets his integrity back.

In short, the protagonist always ends up as the winner. All-in-all, it tickles with the thought of an average player to be a winner!

If you are interested in watching some casino movies, why not begin by watching something that, even after more than 70 years, has remained a part of the top gambling movies.

The data shows Mr. Lucky as ranked second on the list of the top gambling movies. It’s a 1943 movie belonging to the era that skyrocketed gambling movie demands in Hollywood, posts the Great Depression and WW2. It is a classic Hollywood movie around gambling that has everything, comedy, drama, romance, war, comradeship, and more. It’s based on the short story written by Milton Holmes in Cosmopolitan in June 1942 – “Bundles of Freedom”.

In this black and white movie, Mr. Lucky exploits the “bad guy gone good” themeelegantly. It’s directed by H.C. Potter has some legendary actors like Cary Grant, Charles Bickford, Laraine Day, Gladys Cooper, and more in the movie.

The story revolves around a gambler named Joe Adams (Cary Grant) who takes the identity of a recently dead sailor, Joe Bascopolous, just before America entered into World War II. Posing as an owner of gambling ship Fortuna, Joe finds a way to raise money using a war relief charity ball to get his gambling operation up and running. As a suave WWII-era lady-killing gambler, Joe plans to scam the beautiful, wealthy socialite Dorothy (Laraine Day) and ends up falling in love with her.

Now, the question arises, – Will Joe decide to carry out his plan or double-cross his gang?

Watch Mr. Lucky to see the tricks of Joe Adams/Joe Bascopolus and find out what happens to him in the end.

From high-pressure circumstances to nail-biting drama, gambling movies can always keep you on-the-edge. If you are keen to watch some brilliant casino movies that revolve around classic table games, poker, roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, look out for them online. There are many such movies worth binge-watching like California Split (1974), The Hangover (2009), the Ocean franchise movies, Molly’s Game (2017), and so on. 

But, don’t be a wazzock to watch every Hollywood gambling movie!

Just click on the “must-watch” list of top gambling movies of all times and enjoy exploring the casino world with your friends.