Movies You Should See as a Budding Entrepreneur

Budding Entrepreneur

At whatever stage of entrepreneurship you find yourself, there is always a need to find motivation, as everyone needs that to keep pushing. Things are bound to get complicated, and things will be significantly easier on some days. However, that spirit of resilience will keep you going.

There are many ways you can get that needed motivation as an entrepreneur and recover that energy to keep moving forward – watching movies is one of them. Sitting on your couch during your leisure time and watching the right films can give you the courage to continue your journey as a businessperson.

While the usual narrative is that you are supposed to be busy at all times, taking some time off to relax and unwind can do you a lot of good. Apart from movies, you can also play online casino games if you fancy them. Even if you live in a state where casino gaming is not legal, you can check for offshore casinos online that are favorable to US players on CasinoUSA to get started.

We know that not every random movie you watch will have the needed effect. Hence, we have made a list of movies you should see. These movies will be relatable to you regardless of your industry and help you find the courage to see that your story will end on a positive note with the right attitude. They are:

1. The Pursuit of Happyness

As you can probably tell from this movie’s title, the whole story was about how you needed to pursue your happiness relentlessly and consistently. If you want to achieve something in your business, there will be obstacles, but you need to pursue your goals regardless.

The Pursuit of Happyness is a real story about a man with great aspirations. He had complete trust in a product that appeared to be bad in the market and could just not sell it. However, this man was relentless. He suffered a whole deal because pursuing a dream that no one could picture with him meant he was broke and depressed at some point in his life. He lost everything, including his wife, and was left with just his son.

Do you want to know how the story ended? What did he do in those trying times, how did he push through, and how did his resilience eventually pay off? Then you should see this movie. It is also entirely based on a true story, so you might as well remove that thought of it being just fiction before going ahead to watch it.

2. Joy

This movie is about a businesswoman who experienced major bad days. Joy has what it takes to become a billionaire, and she knows how exactly to do that. She knew that one needed to solve a problem affecting many people to make money. Hence, she invented a miracle mop that did just that.

She did everything right. So what happened? Why did she still have to struggle so much? How much did her personal life affect her business, and how did her story end? Find out in this movie.

3. The Social Network

The social network is the story of the popular social network, Facebook. This movie tells how the idea of this network started in the room of a university student (Mark Zuckerberg) who had big dreams. Like everyone else with big dreams, this man faced betrayal and hurt. As his idea was getting bigger and better, he was accused of stealing this idea by two brothers, who eventually sued him.

Today, Facebook, the social medium that was just an idea decades ago, has become a household name for billions of active users worldwide. This is recommended as a great watch because it helps you see that little beginnings are essential and cannot be avoided. It also enables you to see how tough things can be and the challenges you will likely face from the world when building something important.

4. Wall Street

This is not the same as Wolf of Wall Street (the hit film by Martin Scorsese). This is the story of a young stockbroker who is desperate for success and has decided to do whatever it takes to achieve just that.

The devil heard his plea and sent him some ‘tasks’ that might help him succeed, pushing this man willing to do anything to his limits. Watch this 1987 production to discover if this lead character eventually bows to the devil and how his story ends.

5. The Game

The Game is the story of a man who has everything or at least seems to have everything. From afar, he was the wealthy and successful businessman everyone wanted to become one day. However, that success did not come without a price, as he was incredibly lonely.

His brother, who could not think of a better gift for a man who had it all, gave him the gift of a lifetime. How did this gift change the lead’s values and perspectives toward life? What lessons did this man learn? You have to see this film to find out.


This list of movies covers everything you need to know as an entrepreneur, from the little beginnings to the small successes and the hard times that will be experienced even after numerous achievements. No business effort is always successful, and your motivation to continue doing it regardless is what will eventually pay off.