Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa

Casino, Resort and Spa

California is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful states in the whole of the USA. Because of this, it makes sense that one of the most beautiful casinos in the world is located here. The Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa was officially opened in 2004, but it’s actually the second casino that’s been on this site, as there was a casino built there in 1995. Take a closer look at what’s available at the Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa with our review.

Gambling Choices

What really makes the Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa impressive, is how many different options there are available to players. It has a 1960s theme in place, which is always good to see. This retro theme looks fantastic, and it is quite a bit different from the normal neon playgrounds that casino designs tend to follow. What is a big positive about Morongo Casino, is that there are also online options offered to players. If you want to get more information about the online offerings, then you can check it out on GambleUSA.com.

Players have the opportunity to play at a big selection of different video slots on the Morongo Casino floor. It doesn’t just cover the most popular games, but there are also some fantastic high-paying games there as well. This means that players can play for some very big prizes when playing here.

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It’s not just slots that are offered though. Players can also enjoy a huge selection of different table games when playing here. It means that, just like at other top level casino resorts, players have the option to play many different types of games when visiting here. It really saves the special gaming area for Poker though. It has some of the most impressive Poker tables in the entire world. Morongo Casino is almost a hub for Poker in the state of California.

Hotel Rooms

While the Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa might not be as famous as the Hard Rock Casino, it certainly competes in terms of what it has to offer. There are more than 300 different casino rooms available to visitors at the Morongo. Each one is of an extremely high quality. The 272 standard rooms offer people the opportunity to enjoy a perfect night’s rest. However, if this isn’t quite enough, there are also 32 suites offered and 6 casitas. It means that there is everything from a standard budget hotel room offered, to some high-end and luxury rooms. It means that visitors are able to enjoy the Morongo Casino no matter what their budget is. It truly is one of the most impressive hotel resorts in all of California.

The six casitas can also be found on the top level of the resort. This is where the pool is located, so it provides an extremely luxurious and fun vacation spot.

Other Amenities

Obviously, the Morongo has the name spa in the title which makes it obvious there are a range of different treatments offered to visitors. There are some incredible treatments available to people who stay at the Morongo, which ensures that full relaxation can be achieved here. Of course, there?s more than just spa facilities offered though. It also covers a number of different amenities to visitors.

People who stay at the Morongo have the ability to eat and drink at some of the finest bars and restaurants in the state. There is a food court available as well, which has a number of different outlets on offer. Here people can get a wide range of different food choices. There is also a 24-hour cafe offered. It means that no matter when you feel hungry, then you’re able to easily find something to sate your appetite.

There is also a penthouse restaurant available for visitors if people would prefer a more high-end place to eat. This gives people the opportunity to enjoy some of the best food out there,  all while in a truly luxurious venue.