Long Queues in front of liquor shops – Indians forgetting social distancing

Long Queue outside Liquor Shops

As the lockdown period is extended in India till 17th May 2020, several relaxations is given to the people. The government has approved reopening the alcohol shops in green, orange, and red zone areas under the third phase of lockdown. Although the shopkeepers were instructed to maintain the social distancing by their customers in front of their shops. But on 4th May 2020, a huge number of people started queuing up outside the liquor shops. Long Queues in front of liquor shops were seen early in the morning as the shops get reopened at 7.30 AM.

The government allowed the liquor shops to stay open till 7.00 PM but with some strict guidelines and of course with social distancing. Not more than 5 customers can get gather outside the shop. Still, the pictures from Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra telling different stories today.

More than 150 liquor shops are reopened in Delhi, Capital of India. News reports say that Delhi police forcibly shut down one liquor shop in the Jheel Chowk area because people refused to follow the social distancing norms and found in a Long Queues in front of liquor shops, standing very close to each other. Delhi’s Desh Bandhu Gupta Road liquor shop was over 1 kilometer long.

Indians forgetting the importance of social distancing just to stock their favorite “Booze”. Will the behavior like this, help our nation to fight against the global pandemic Covid-19? Is Liquor Consumption more important than corona precautions?

It seems like all of the restrictions and norms by the government, which is created for our own safety, have fallen in deaf ears.

It is very important to understand that social distancing should be our first priority and we should follow the government guidelines and norms during the lockdown.

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