Kardashians: Keeping Up with Hottest Family on the Blocks


With 20 series in 14 years, Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs its concluding episode this week. The program is shown in dozens of countries. It has made megastars like Kim Kardashian West, Kris Jenner, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie.

Here are the ways a famous family made an impact on the generation.

1. Part of their fortune comes from their enthusiasm to be seemingly free on camera.

They consciously and deliberately played themselves to get the level of authenticity for appealing to audiences. Humor is also one of the key reasons the show has achieved longevity. People don’t think of the Kardashians as funny, but they are pretty good at producing humor. While the ladies constitute a matriarchy, the gentlemen like Scott Disick, ex-partner of Kourtney, are this kind of comic nerds. In a patriarchal society, that’s winning in several ways.

2. Prompted conversations about female beauty

Kim has had an intense effect on global awareness of what we consider an attractive woman looks like. Part of that is the way that she presents herself as a work-in-progress. Kardashians’ “glam squad” provides professional services like makeup, tans, styling, and hair care. You can light yourself, wear professional makeup, pose in all sorts of ways that make you look like a Kardashian. Still, you can’t have continual cosmetic surgery, can’t afford personal trainers, and don’t have a glamor team there every day. They have “interests” in a trend for achieving a more meaningful bottom with implants, elevations, and fat injections, which is not risk-free.

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3. ‘Pioneers’ of self-promotion on social media

The Kardashians are inseparably connected to social media. The family is “pioneers,” shaping how we use social media to present a curated form of our identities and images. It’s impossible to separate their pictures and their success from the success of Instagram. These businesses include Kylie’s cosmetic lines, Kim’s beauty, shapewear products, and Khloé’s size-inclusive jeans brand, which have helped earn the family millions of dollars.

4. They showed a different type of family.

One result of opening up your household life to a reality television team is that spectators will also be revealed to the conflict in your relations. For many followers, these exchanges make the most exciting times. Like Caitlyn has earned awards for her advocacy. But she has also suffered criticism from trans-rights activists for her politics and aid of former US President Donald Trump.

5. Accusations of ‘racial vagueness and cultural sponsoring

The Kardashians may reverberate heterogeneity in American life, but they also display some negative characters of society. They have been blamed for cultural appropriation and so-called “blackfishing” when someone poses to be black or mixed-race, frequently on social media. The Kardashians are observed as both white and non-white.

6. Plenty Of Romances – And Break-Ups

Several interracial relationships have been featured on the show, including between Kim and Kanye West, Khloé and Tristan Thompson, and Kylie and Travis Scott, all of whom have children together. On the surface, the Kardashians “embody this fantasy of the mixed-race family.”

7. Criticism for parading their assets

Kim has credited Kanye with improving her attitude to her business investments. Having endorsed toilet paper and bespoke emojis, she now concentrates on marketing ideas that fit her mark.

8. Planned for life after reality TV

Kim is the one most suitable to have an amazingly prosperous individual career. Kim may have a future in politics. Compared to a reality TV star [Donald Trump] who has already been president of the United States, Kim

Kardashian, who has half a law degree, is better qualified. Caitlyn, who’s a part of the Republican Party and running for Governor of California this year.


They’ve carved out a niche for themselves that no one else can fill. There’s not going to be another single family that can captivate an audience enough to justify being on television for a decade.

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