Jurassic World: Creating Peacock its Dominion

Starting on September 2, two versions of Jurassic World: Dominion are coming to Peacock, NBC Universal’s streaming service. According to Box Office Mojo, one will be the theatrical cut, which raked in almost a billion dollars to become the second-biggest film of the year.

The other will be an extended rendition, which is 14 minutes long and will feature “an alternate opening,” according to a media release from Peacock.

The movie’s director, Colin Trevorrow, said that the extended edition was cut to ensure the film was less than two and a half hours long.

While it’s a feather in Peacock’s cap to be the exclusive streaming home for one of the year’s biggest movies, it’s not a surprise.

NBCUniversal stated that the “majority” of its theatrical movies would arrive at its streaming service, with many coming 45 days after they appeared in theaters.

That isn’t the case for Dominion, though, which was released on June 10, 84 days before it’ll make its way onto streaming.

Jurassic World Dominion is a 2022 American fiction & action science movie directed by Colin Trevorrow, who co-wrote the screenplay with Emily Carmichael. It is a series to Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom, the third and final film in the Jurassic World trilogy. The 6th installment in the Jurassic Park franchise concludes the storyline of the original Jurassic Park trilogy and is based on fiction by Trevorrow and Derek Connolly.

As with its precursors, Patrick Crowley and Frank Marshall created the film with Trevorrow and Jurassic Park (1993) director Steven Spielberg as an executive producer. The film stars an ensemble cast including Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Chris Pratt, DeWanda Wise, Mamoudou Athie, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, BD Wong, and Goldblum, Omar Sy. Dern and Neill reprise their roles from the Jurassic Park trilogy, emerging together for the first time since the 1993 film.

The film is positioned four years after the events of Fallen Kingdom, with dinosaurs now living with humans around the globe. It tracks Owen Grady and Claire Dearing as they launch on a rescue mission, while Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant reunite with Ian Malcolm to reveal a conspiracy by the genomics corporation Biosyn, a once rival of the bygone InGen. Initial planning of the movie began in 2014, before the release of the initial Jurassic World film in the trilogy.

Filming commenced in February 2020 and was temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Set zones included England’s Pinewood Studios, Canada, and the country of Malta. Unlike its two precursors, Legendary Entertainment was not concerned about the film’s production following the expiration of a four-year collaboration with Universal in 2019.

Jurassic World Dominion is broadcasted by Universal Pictures and premiered in Mexico City on May 23, 2022. It was theatrically unleashed in the US on June 10, 2022, and has grossed over $985 million globally, becoming the second-highest-grossing flick of 2022. However, the film received generally negative appraisals from critics, who felt the franchise had run its trail.

Paleontologist Jack Horner, a longtime consultant for the series, returned for Dominion. Paleontologist Steve Brusatte was also a consultant. Trevorrow sought to hit a harmony between realism and “awesome-movie-scary.” Jurassic Park III had characterized Velociraptors with quills along the head, but Dominion along with a five-minute prologue extends fully feathered dinosaurs to the series. Within the storyline of the earlier films, the dinosaurs were devised by InGen and partially engineered with frog DNA, illustrating inaccuracies in their physical build.

In Dominion, feathered dinosaurs are added through advanced methods from Biosyn. Pyroraptor and Therizinosaurus are the feathered dinosaurs introduced in the movie. Nolan and ILM researched to affect feathers accurately. Trevorrow planned the Therizinosaurus meeting with Claire to be a “quiet and still and suspenseful” scene, equivalent to the original Jurassic Park rather than the action series in the Jurassic World trilogy. He also stated that Claire “never really had even one series where it was just her alone with a dinosaur.”

The film’s dinosaur opponent is a Giganotosaurus, which Trevorrow saved for the trilogy’s final installment to put a feud with the T. rex, the latter being the same individual from Isla Nublar seen in earlier films. He said about the Giganotosaurus, “I liked something that regarded like the Joker. It just enjoys watching the world burn”. The showdown between the two animals was written solely by Trevorrow, who primarily filmed it from the perspective of the humans, expecting that this would “make it feel like it was occurring to you.”

An animatronic Giganotosaurus was completed, and Nolan said it was “probably the most significant challenge” for his team. The dinosaur was anticipated to carry six months to create, but his team only had about four months to end it. For the T. rex, Trevorrow liked to reuse an animatronic created for the Fallen Kingdom. But, unfortunately, it had already deteriorated, as is typical for animatronics.

Dimetrodon, a synapsid that lived before the dinosaurs, also emerges in the film. The creature had made appearances through different franchise merchandise over the years, while Dominion marks its movie debut. Another new beast is the Atrociraptor, which Trevorrow portrayed as barbaric compared to Velociraptors.

Although hybrid dinosaurs had significant roles before Jurassic World films, none emerged in Dominion, as Trevorrow felt that this vision had “narratively run its course.” Among the returning dinosaurs is Dilophosaurus, appearing in the flesh for the first time since the original Jurassic Park film. Like the first film, no CGI was used to create the Dilophosaurus, the only animal in the film to lack a digital model. Instead, Nolan also made animatronic locusts measuring 30 inches in length.