Is Gamstop an outdated technology?

outdated technology

At this age, sometimes you will be thinking if Gamstop is an outdated technology. The answer to this question is not a straight yes or a no. One thing that we know is that Gamstop has been prey to digitalization. Will it be able to stand as the digital transformation takes place day by day? Every start-up needs to have a stable backup plan, in this era of digitalization. And this is the strategy Gamstop software also needs to imply.

Being a great company it is, Gamstop needs to invest in its digital growth and sustain its stores as well. It is not outdated software yet. But with the increasing hold and power of digitalization, any company that will not be able to compete will become outdated. On the other hand, the betters and game enthusiasts prefer non-Gamstop casinos.

A casino is a heaven for bettors. But what if a casino you have been wanting to join turns out to be a scam? You donít wish for that. And what if you miss out on an amazing gaming opportunity just because of some doubts? You canít let that happen to you either.

Thatís why we are here. We want you to have the finest casino experiences. No, not through trial and error. Thatís why we have taken the deep dive of research for you to understand the pros and cons of choosing your next casino. Thereís already a risk wagering and we donít want you to take the Ďcasino risk’ as well.

To decide if it is an outdated technology or, simply wish to learn how to cancel Gamstop, we will compare it with Red Lion which is one of the most renowned Casinos Not on Gamstop. This comparison will help us develop a clearer picture.

 The Red Lion online casino was established in 2019 by Maverick Gaming. It showcased the most striking payment methods and customer care options. Customer service is one of the important aspects that a player looks for in a casino. Let us have a look at the features of a Gamstop powered casino one by one and determine if this software is worth our time.


The games at the Red Lion are a bit shady. This means that the casino gets more profit than the respective game owners. Well, some of the games are legit. But risk and problems are involved. Though the names of the games are quite famous like video poker, bingo, baccarat, roulette etc.

The collection of games at the Red Lion is quite appreciable though. One can get access to over 2000 games to play by themselves. Besides, there’s also a sportsbook where you can have exposure to the huge betting market.


If we consider it revenue-wise, the Red Lion proves to be smaller. What is the matter here? Let us break it down for you. When you bet and win, the payments and bonuses are all handled by the casino. And if we win big, it’ll be hard for the casino to grant you your wins. Otherwise, a big-revenue casino will not find it as a problem. The win limit is Ä5000 in this. If you achieve more than that, the casino will not be prepared to compensate for it.


A casino needs to have a license. It is because the stakes and bets are a risky game. In case some crises occur, a licensed casino will be more efficiently supervising it. But on the contrary, the Red Lion doesnít hold a valid license. If you find this problematic, you should be notified of it.


The payment methods at the red Lion are quite various, which is a plus point. It was one of the things that gained Red Lion instant fame and trust in the early years. You can pay through a visa card, bitcoin, MasterCard etc.

In this regard, the difficulty occurs because of the withdrawal limit. You can only withdraw Ä7,000 per month. As said earlier, if you win big rewards it is not possible for you to withdraw them.

 Customer Service

Now that there are hundreds of competitive casinos providing all the major features, would you settle for poor customer care? The live chat at the Red Lion Customer care is not active 24/7. So even if you have some issue, you’ll have to wait for the developers to reply and resolve your query.


It is a medium-sized international casino. Players can register from all around the world and enjoy their favourite games. There is no restriction for betters to be localized at a certain country or place.

But along with this, the withdrawal options are not supported for some parts of the world, which is quite inconvenient. Also, the language translation is not helpful for many languages making it a struggle for international players.


If you are passionate about gaming, you’ll love this feature of the Red Lion or other similar gambling websites not on Gamstop. So, it not licensed with the UKGC and puts no such restrictions on the gamers and betters. In this way, you can get access to a limitless gaming experience. There are no strict rulings and regulations for betters.

Game Suppliers

Even though some of the games are referred to as fake, the collection and variety of their games have never failed to impress the players. The game suppliers include the names Amatic, Apollo, Betsoft, EGT, Evoplay, Mancala gaming, KA gaming, Booongo etc.

If the game supplier is a good company, the games are expected to be of good quality and provide great entertainment. In this aspect, the Red Lion has a great plus point.


In this age, when most of the casinos provide mobile applications, this is not an option for The Red Lion. Even though the website is supported on all kinds of devices like Android or iOS and laptops, there is no application.


Whether The Red Lion is up-to-date or worse than Gamstop, you can now easily decide on your own. Though it has some great features, the withdrawal limits and lack of license makes it lag. If you want to have big wins, you can look for better options. But if you just want to enjoy gaming, it can be the right choice too.