How to Grow Your SoundCloud Fanbase: Proven and Effective Tricks

SoundCloud Fanbase

Soundcloud is a great platform where a lot of its users have risen to fame. It is one of the easiest and most inexpensive methods of gaining exposure in the music industry. The NY Times wrote a report that showed SoundCloud hosts an average of 175 million monthly listeners on its platform; hence, it will be reasonable to grow your SC fanbase if you are looking for the best way to reach the world without a big record label.

Just like other social networks, you need a large following to attain stardom, SoundCloud is no different, you need a huge fanbase to help you promote, share, and break the internet with your tracks. While there is a process you can use that will cost you years of hard work, but you can get more details at SocialsUp, and find some effective and proven ways to help you reach your desired fanbase in little time.

SoundCloud has more active users than Spotify, which gives you more opportunities to increase your fanbase. But success is begotten by hard work and the right strategy. Use these six steps below to grow your SoundCloud fanbase.


Although everyone believes this is a compulsory step that must be taken, you may be surprised by the number of artists who fail to create a detailed and proper SoundCloud profile.

If you are just starting, your best chance should be crafting a killer artist bio. Remember, the first impression most time is all that matters. Always imagine your profile as an elevator pitch and see your audience as your investors who will only be interested in your project if they find it interesting.

Your profile should describe who you are, and be quick to highlight your achievement if you have any. Include notable venues and events you’ve played. Don’t forget to include the record labels or groups you are connected with, and all these will create an outstanding profile.


Quality is of great importance during recording; no matter how well your song maybe, if they have low sound quality, there is a great chance of being rejected by the SoundCloud fanbase. This means you may not attract new fans, thereby lessening your chances of fame.

Ensure you post only high-quality songs that have been properly recorded and mastered. SoundCloud streams tracks in 128kbps, the only way to enable users to hear your song without quality is to enable the download option, which is mostly not available.


Whether you are a veteran or just a beginner, you cannot ignore the importance of social media strategy in improving your fanbase. You shouldn’t just post your songs on SoundCloud; feel free to post them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other relevant social networks where your fans will listen to you. 

Sharing your music on social media will greatly increase your fans on SC, and your play counts will be way up; just connect your SoundCloud to your social networks.


SoundCloud has proven to be an effective place to connect with new music fans and fellow artists. 

Like other social networks, you need to engage on the platform to grow your audience. You can start this journey by following fellow artists’ music pages, commenting, and reposting their music. There are high chances that they will surely do the same for you.

Engaging in SoundCloud will improve your music exposure and build a community around your profile. When following artists, ensure you follow those in your hometown and those in your genre of music. Don’t forget to ask your audience to leave feedback whenever you post a song, and this is a great way to improve your music. Everybody needs feedback to become better in what they do.


Soundcloud is a platform that seeks to enhance the music culture in our generation, providing every genre of music to all music lovers. This has made the platform enable a feature for groups to be created where people with the same music taste can converge and engage with each other. The audience is always thirsty to hear good music; hence, if you want to increase your fanbase and you feel your music has what it takes, then you can submit your music to be posted by the group. If the audience accepts your music, they will flock to your page, and your fanbase will receive a big increase.

Go through the different SoundCloud groups, listen to similar music the audience loves, and if you feel you have something similar or better, don’t hesitate to post. Lastly, try to be reasonable when posting your tracks on these groups.   


A podcast is an amazing way to connect with your fans virtually; there is no greater way to engage with your audience than a live podcast. It allows your fans to look into your personal life, creating more excitement and loyalty among fans. If you feel you have more creative content other music to share on SoundCloud, you should consider hosting a podcast for you and your band.

Making the podcast consistently can be straining and demanding; you don’t need always to do this; sharing a short podcast can also be effective. Your fans will appreciate even a short podcast; they just want to feel updated on the latest happening around you. It is also an amazing way of getting feedback from your audience. So, always try to hold a podcast once in a while after releasing some tracks. You can discuss the “behind the scenes”, making people appreciate your works when they see the hard work put into every production.