Spine-chilling horror films that are highly underrated

1. The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Leon is a budding photographer who wanders around a subway station trying to capture photographs of passersby. One day he tracks down three guys in a subway station where they attack a woman. Leon rescues her but finds that she is missing the next day. He gets obsessed as the missing cases keep increasing with the days. Finally, Leon sees Mahogany, an elegant butcher who sacrifices night commuters.

2. Train to Busan (2016)

Eschewing the very ingredients of a horror film, this zombie film is more of a survival tactic where every wrong turn will cost the passengers their lives and everyone around. While showing the horrors of a zombie outbreak on a moving train, the horror flick tells a heart-breaking story of a workaholic father, Seok-woo, and his daughter Soo-an, who are also onboard.

3. Oculus (2013)

Kaylie is on a mission to absolve her brother Tim Russell, who was arrested for murdering her family. Desperate to show that the ominous happenings that had befallen the family were done by an evil antique mirror, Kaylie sets up numerous cameras and timers. She spends a night with Tim to know the truth and prove her claims right.

4. The Clovehitch Killer (2018)

It is about the devout Christian Burnside family, which has a dark and grave secret lurking behind the apparent appearance of the happy family. Donald ĎDoní Burnside is a righteous but strange family man who lives in a small town in Kentucky, USA. A flurry of events, horrific killings, and shocking revelations follow, which turn the lives of the Burnside family upside down.

5. Would You Rather (2012)

The film plays out as a simple competitive party game of the same name where every contestant has to choose between two options to advance towards a large cash prize. Iris enters this seemingly harmless game night hosted by Shepard Lambrick to garner cash for her brotherís treatment. But, soon, the players realize the deadly twist they have to kill or torture each other in every round.

6. Girl on The Third Floor (2019)

Replete with some of the iconic horror movie tropes, the movie stars former wrestler CM Punk as the bedeviled protagonist, Don Koch. Don moves into a new country house to start afresh with his pregnant wife, Liz. When creepy neighbors start pouring in, marbles begin to fall off the walls, and the local pastor reveals the horrific history of the house. Donís past criminal habits surface, and a happy ending seems bleak for the couple.

7. Possessor (2020)

This film is far from evil spirits possessing an innocent victim and instead fuses two psyches for an ultimate deadly motive. Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) uses mind hijacking technology to kill people for a mysterious company. The film is full of unseen turns as it merges the supernatural with modern-day corporate professionals and technology.

8. The Blackcoatís Daughter (2015)

Two girls, Kat and Rose, are left behind in a Catholic boarding school during the winter break when their parents cannot pick them up. They soon discover something sinister and satanic lurking around the corner, and a series of deadly events follow. Gory beheadings, cold murders, and an evil spirit possessing one of them make this film worth watching for horror lovers.

9. The Other Lamb (2019)

Selah is born into a cult where there are only women. These women are either Mothers or Sisters, and the cult group is led by a man referred to as Shepherd. As Selah attains puberty, Shepherd takes a particular interest in her. She soon begins questioning his practices and control and thinks about life outside this cult group.

10. Session 9 (2001)

An American psychological horror movie, Session 9, follows an asbestos abatement team getting to remove asbestos from an abandoned mental hospital. But, working under intense pressure and tight deadlines, the group soon finds things spiraling out of hand, and there are far more dreary things hiding among the walls than just asbestos.

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