Enola Holmes 2: Promising Detective in Action

Netflix has a relatively full lineup of movies this holiday season, and the sequel to Enola Holmes is leading the way.

The streamer’s big Tudum event announced a new trailer for the film, which shows the aborning detective starting to lay down a foundation for her crime-solving career though inherently, things don’t seem to be reaching so well.

Henry Cavill, Millie Bobby Brown, and Helena Bonham Carter all return in one of Netflix’s most significant holiday films. The sequel was first announced the previous year, seeing much of the cast returning; Millie Bobby Brown plays Enola, Henry Cavill is her elder brother Sherlock, and Helena Bonham Carter is their mother. Harry Bradbeer is also back to direct.

Enola Holmes 2 will feature “a mystery of historic proportions,” and the new trailer shows how the case will see Enola and Sherlock cross paths. It also has a dramatic cover of Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” in keeping with modern movie trailers. The movie starts streaming on Netflix on November 4th.

Enola Holmes is the most youthful sibling in the Holmes family. She is brilliant, observant, and insightful, withstanding the social standards for women of the time. Her mother, Eudoria, has trained her in everything from chess to jujitsu and pressed her to be strong-willed and independent.

On her sixteenth birthday, Enola rouses to find that her mother has disappeared, vacating behind only some gifts. A week later, she encounters her brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock. Sherlock discovers her intelligence, whereas Mycroft sees her as problematic, and her legal guardian intends to dispatch her to a finishing school run by the strict Miss Harrison.

The flower cards are dumped by her mother to show secret messages and lead to hidden money, which Enola uses to escape disguised as a boy. She finds the young Viscount Tewkesbury on the train hidden in a travel bag. She believes he is a nincompoop but warns him that a man in a brown bowler hat anointed Linthorn is on the train exploring for him.

Linthorn discovers and tries to kill Tewkesbury, who escapes with Enola by jumping off the train. Tewkesbury grazes for edible plants and fungi, and the two return to London and part courses.

Disguised as a proper Victorian lady, Enola continues to outline Eudoria, vacating cryptic messages in the newspaper’s advertisements. Finally, Enola discovers pamphlets and a safe house possessing explosives and understands that Eudoria is part of a radical bunch of suffragettes. She is pounded by Linthorn, who interrogates her about Tewkesbury. She fights back, ignites the explosives in the safe house, and escapes.

Enola resolves to uncover Tewkesbury again to protect him from Linthorn. She sees the Tewkesbury estate to learn more, meeting Tewkesbury’s grandmother. Meanwhile, Mycroft has Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard investigating Enola.