Do Video Games Keep You Connected with Your Friends?

video gaming

Video games are a controversial subject in terms of socialization. On the one hand, the increasing amount of people engaged in video games keeps the social distance and makes real-life communication less frequent. On the other hand, social distancing is a necessity at the moment. And video games are a perfect opportunity to chat with friends in a shared activity. Of course, if you prefer pc porn games, then the connection with your friends is excluded. This article will focus mostly on multiplayer online games that serve as a means to keep social connections. 

Video Games As A Means To Keep The Friendship 

Communication in multiplayer games is a cornerstone of success in such games. Most of the old and new multiplayer games emphasize different roles in a group. There are respective tough challenges that require cooperation as well. For example, World of Warcraft: Classic follows this principle. You need to gather a party and communicate with it to succeed in any given task. Such game design is a perfect environment for communication with friends. If people of your circle play the same game, you will uphold the social connection through virtual challenges you overcome together.

On the contrary, the recent trends put more emphasis on solo players. The design of modern online games implies that a single character can complete any quest. It makes communication an option but not a necessity. Therefore, if a player chooses the game itself over communication, they may prefer the gaming. 


Multiplayer As A Place To Find New Friends 

Online multiplayer games are a perfect ground for finding new friends and transforming virtual communication into real ones. For example, EVE: Online gathers conglomerates of players all over the world to work toward a common goal. Active and constant communication resulted in epic in-game stories and examples of real-life friendship that grew from the virtual space. 

Even competitive games may serve as a means of productive communication between people. The Halo series is a perfect example of a case when a competitive online shooter brought many people together. There are stories of long-term friendships forged by Halo. There is evidence of mature people finding kindred spirits within the game too.

Single-player games may be a subject of discussion as well. The evolution of video games elevated single-player titles from simple arcade fun to complex stories and characters you want to discuss. In most cases, the experiences of different people are unique and interesting to compare. Console and Pc games are equally engaging in terms of stories to tell and conflicts to discuss. Sharing a common passion for video games surely contributes to the social connection with friends. 


Video Games And Social Issues 

However, there is a clear line between communication in games and placing games above friends. Game mechanics tuned for solo players are only the minor reason for people to sacrifice their social life over video games. Usually, unhealthy escapism in video games is a marker of more severe mental or social troubles. Damaging social connections, issues in the professional environment, or personal life may lead to escapism and preferring video games over any other engagement. Therefore, video games themselves cannot ruin a friendship or any other social activity. They may distract a person long enough from the cause of the issue. Such distraction is what makes social connections suffer. 

In the end, video games are one of many ways to spend time with your friends. Occasional online sessions, when the real-life meeting is impossible, are a good way to keep the connection. However, video games are not meant to be a substitute for real-life communication, nor a way of dealing with more serious issues.