Christmas Traditions Around the World

There are so many ways to celebrate the festive season in the UK. You can decorate a Christmas tree or hang fairy lights in your window. You can watch Christmas movies or play (and argue over) board games with the family. You can wear a novelty Christmas jumper or stuff yourself with enough mince pies, gingerbread and pigs in blankets to make you sick.

But Christmas traditions vary massively from country to country. Over in Iceland, for instance, kids don’t just have the arrival of Santa Claus to look forward to. They can also expect a visit from the Yule Lads, thirteen mischievous characters who come bearing gifts for the good children and rotten potatoes for the bad. And out in Japan, instead of gathering for a turkey roast with all the trimmings, families celebrate Christmas with a fried chicken bucket courtesy of the KFC Colonel himself.

Want to find out more about unique Christmas traditions around the world? Scroll down to check out the below infographic. It’s been put together with the help of, to mark their collection of bgo Slots like Jingle Spin and Selfie Elfie you can play to celebrate Christmas.

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